By: Logik Solutions  09-12-2011

We exist to provide fully-managed internet marketing services for businesses. Use our brains to compliment the passion you have for your business.

Located just outside Toronto, Canada, in the beautiful city of Mississauga, was founded with over a decade of professional web development and internet marketing experience. This is both a business and a labour of love.

Other products and services from Logik Solutions


Market Research

Knowing this prior to all marketing campaigns is a big reality check, and forces us to think hard about the feasibility of the objectives within our budget.Strategic Intelligence – Know the “how” in your competitions tactics allows the development of a strategic approach to match and overtake them. Once an understanding of their approach has been understood, modeling and then creating a superior plan becomes much easier to formulate.


Media Buying (Display

Data driven optimization is a prerequisite to maximize the profitability of a campaign.Rotating Fresh Ad Creatives – Most media buys are priced using the CPM model, so when you are paying for impressions, it’s crucial that you get the users to click your banners, otherwise it’s wasteful.


Social Media Marketing (SMM

Real value is in educating and providing helpful content in the best interest of your community.Conveying Passion – True fanatics of anything know when someone is not speaking their language. In addition to the core content channeled through the social profiles, we create a highly-targeted Facebook Ad campaign based on the Service Plan budget chosen.


PPC Management (Pay Per Click

This allows any business to bid on keywords that are relevant to their industry and geographic area, and reach customers and clients that are highly qualified and in “search mode”, and which would have been impossible to reach in this manner before. Most major search engines provide advertising platforms for companies that wish to place ads along keyword-specific search results.


Lead Generation (CPA

Highly Targeted – Once a lead has been defined by the client in terms of geographic area, required fields a campaign will be created by us to only provide leads that meet the specified criteria.Only Pay for Results – Don’t pay for the marketing costs. This can be overcome with expanded keyword lists and targeting, exporting the campaigns to other PPC platforms, and also contextual platforms and media buying with online display campaigns.