Leafsprout Services

By: Leafsprout  09-12-2011

Leafsprout provides services in the following areas:

  • Solutions Design: Design of Health Information Exchanges and similar regional medical information sharing networks.
  • Custom Development: Development of custom Health IT solutions built around Leafsprout's offerings but ultimately branded and owned by our clients.
  • Technical Consulting: Connectivity - IHE (XDS, PIX, PDQ, ATNA, XCA, XUA, SWF, PIR, CPI, PDI, KIN, etc), DICOM, HL7. Modality software design and development (CT, MR, PET, NM, MG, DR, CR).

The team behind Leafsprout has been designing and developing software products for healthcare for over 15 years. We are solely focused on the healthcare technology space and have access to some of the most experienced people in this industry. Our expertise quietly powers many successful healthcare software and device products currently offered by a broad range of OEM companies.

Other products and services from Leafsprout


Leafsprout auditTrail

Provides a variety of perspectives on the collected audit records:- patient-perspective;- user-perspective (which patients have been accessed by a given user, when and from where);- system perspective. AuditTrail is an IHE ATNA-compliant central audit repository which accepts and stores audit records originating from various IT systems in the enterprise/region.


Leafsprout docRegistry

With its built-in support for deletion, including soft and hard deletion, docRegistry can ensure that document entries remain in the system for no less and no more time than legally required. Extends basic features of an XDS Registry with support for multi-patient queries, document metadata updates and deletes, patient identifier changes based on source patient id, etc.


Leafsprout docVault

As a fully-featured IHE XDS Document Repository Actor, docVault accepts clinical documents from submitting clients/sources, registers the documents in the central XDS Registry, and subsequently persists them in its permanent storage for future retrievals. With up to 5*1013 documents per storage unit, and support for 128 storage units, docVault can serve the needs of a department/enterprise as well as a regional health network.


Leafsprout patientRegistry

The registry automatically reconciles and links different versions of patient demographics and different identifiers which exist in multiple hospitals/clinics within the region for a given person, e.g., the fact that James Brown id=123 in hospital A is the same person as Jim Brown id=B567 in hospital B.


Leafsprout Products

Regional Image Management – covers storage of imaging studies in regional diagnostic image repositories and making key images visible, along with reports, as part of patient's health record. Leafsprout's Digital Health Suite is a family of software products that facilitate the exchange of health-related information between various members of a regional/national health system.