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The Lash Den specializes in single-strand eyelash extensions which are skillfully applied to each natural lash by our certified eyelash technician, Denise Rodrigues.  Denise is an advanced stylist--having done extensions for almost 2 years full-time.  She is certified with two different lash companies--thus giving her an advanced edge over other lash stylists.  The Lash Den continues to use the highest quality of synthetic lashes on the market.  Whether you are looking for a light and natural lash (to last you a lifetime) or a heavier and more dramatic lash (for that special event)--she'll advise you on the look that you can safely wear without damaging your natural lash.  The Lash Den carries the longest and the thickest extensions--as well as different lash curls.  

As you know, we all have various eye shapes—Denise will look at the shape of your eyes with her main goal being to define and enhance.  The Lash Den wants you leaving satisfied and addicted to your new look!

AU NATURAL 30-45 ($125)
This look is great for framing your eye. It will accentuate the key areas of your eye giving you a very natural and subtle look. We would drop in 30-45 lashes per eye depending on the quantity and quality of your natural lashes.  This look will take approximately 1 hour.

LIGHT AND FLUTTERY 46-60 ($150) 
This is our favourite—a light and fluttery look… still subtle yet with a bit of sassiness. Friends will notice something different but usually unable to pinpoint it. This look is great for every day wear as well as special occasions.  This look will take approximately 1.5 hours.

GLAMOROUS 61-100 ($200)
These lashes look great on film. Make-up artists and photographers love seeing these lashes on their clients. If you’re a dancer or a performer these are the lashes for you. Add make-up and your eyes will completely pop. These lashes are also a favourite of brides as they still provide an elegant and natural look but more luscious and dramatic.  This look will take approxiately 2.0 hours.

Touch Ups (this is a weekly approximation based on your desired look)
$60/75/100 (based on Au Natural) 
$75/100/125 (based on Light and Fluttery)
$100/125/150 (based on Glamorous)

NOTE: The pricing for the touch ups are dependant on the look that you are trying to achieve.  For example, if you initially came in for the "glamorous" look, you will likely need more lashes dropped in as compared to someone who initially came in for the "au natural" look.  In that regard, the pricing will be based on the quantity of lashes used.

Work done by the Lash Den: $20 (based on 20 minutes of service)
Work done by others: $40 (based on 20 minutes of service)

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Keywords: Lashes