KINGnet kiosk software - Lockdown / Remote Monitoring protects self-service kiosks

By: King Products + Solutions  09-12-2011
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KINGnet™ Kiosk is a secure software package providing the foundation of any public access kiosk solution. Includes a complete solution for safe web browsing with user attract screens. In addition to the robust health monitoring, update management and security KINGnet Kiosk provides a starter solution with access to local or remote web and rich media content.


Web Browser

Full Screen Locked-down captive web browser for public space - replaces all browser controls and navigation user interface with public-ready components, preventing the user to access or change browser or system settings.

Direct users to existing information such as web sites and on-line applications with little effort


Privacy - All user information, cookies and session information are removed as soon as the user session is over.

Ad-ware blocked: All pop-ups that are not authorized by the configuration are blocked.

Secure Internet access - filters and trap unsecured scripts user may find on un-trusted websites

URL access control

captive (fixed URL)

white list/black list

script filtering

Boot Control and OS lock-down - Users cannot access the underlying operating system or bios. All key combinations and menus are controlled.

File download blocking - KINGnet kiosk prevents all file downloads

Software watchdog

Monitors kiosk software

Expects a heartbeat signal

Performs soft-boot if no signal is received by the Software Watchdog

Hardware Watchdog

Monitors OS & software watchdog

Expects a heartbeat signal

Performs hard-boot if no signal is received by the Hardware Watchdog

Monitors Door Access

Process Monitor – prevent un-known processes from running

Health Monitor

Remote management client

Secure SSL encrypts communication to server over public Internet or VPN

State of health reporting client

Monitors kiosk status

Monitors peripheral status


Onscreen Keyboard – configurable for language specific and special keys

Screen saver attract loop – display your welcome message and logo


Upload screen saver images (allows for branding)

Kiosk state of health reports

Kiosk status management

devices & peripherals

heart beat monitoring

Alert management

onscreen visual indicators

Real-time status & logs

Kiosk usage reporting

Kiosk Network monitoring and alert management

Application updates deployed to kiosks

OS and device driver patch distribution

Application updates

Peripheral Firmware updated

Content distribution

Attract screens



Browser Skin

Configuration parameters

Stealth on kiosk installation

Version management

Scheduled updates

Keywords: kiosk, kiosk software, Screens

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