Colado NC

By: Ivoclar Vivadent  09-12-2011


Ni 65.6
Cr 20.1
W 7.1
Si 3.3
Al 2.4
Mo 1.3
La <1.0

Technical data

Colour                                                    white
Type                                                        5
Density (g/cm3)                                    8.2
Melting interval (°C)                             1230 - 1325
Casting temperature (°C)                  1390 - 1445
Oxide firing ° C / min / vacuum          980 / 1 / vacuum
CTE 25 – 500° C                                  14.0
Elongation (%)                                      12.0
Vickers hardness                                 340
0.2 % proof stress (MPa)                    640
Modulus of elasticity (MPa)                 196,000

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As a result, a homogeneous glass-ceramic bond is created, which establishes a sound base for the fabrication of esthetic and functional as well as exceptionally strong all-ceramic restorations (made of LS2 and ZrO2). In order to join a lithium disilicate veneering structure to a zirconium oxide framework, an innovative fusion glass-ceramic is used.


Programat P500/G2

In addition to all these technical innovations, the Programat P500 still convinces users with its tried-and-tested product features, such as the QTK heating muffle technology, the automatic double-range calibration ATK2, USB connection as well as the proven combination of membrane-sealed keypad and touch screen. Innovations such as the Cooling Shock Protection or Thermo Shock Protection make for a high degree of process reliability.



Proxyt fine without pumice is suitable for polishing tooth surfaces as well for cleaning top-quality restorations and implants. Prophy pastes for professional tooth cleaning and polishing.Three different abrasive values are available. The medium abrasive value is also available without fluoride and without flavour additives. Unnecessary abrasion of tooth structure or roughening of restorations is prevented.


IPS e.max CAD-on technique

Two parts are required for the CAD-on technique: a zirconium oxide framework made of IPS e.max ZirCAD and a lithium disilicate veneering structure made of the new IPS e.max CAD HT B40 block. The IPS e.max CAD-on technique allows users to fabricate high-strength and highly esthetic restorations from IPS e.max CAD (LS2. This block meets even the most exacting esthetic requirements and combines modern technology with user friendliness.


Odyssey Laser

With unique features such as an automated fiber management system, wireless foot control, and new innovations like uni-dose fiber tips, touch screen, and battery operation, the Odyssey Diode Lasers are the most efficient, portable, and affordable soft tissue laser in dentistry today.


Oral Health America

This year, our event will address the impact of oral health disparities on our nation's health and well-being, and celebrate individuals and partnerships that are making a difference.