Google Analytics Setup Real Estate & Mortgage Lead Tracking, Goal Creation, Funnel Development

By: Itoolpro  09-12-2011

Google Analytics is the most innovative and easy to use web analytics tool on the market today. Its radical user interface, increases discoverability and accessibility of data - allowing you to quickly get the information you need to see. Its about "data democratisation", which empowers you to turn data into actionable information.

Latest features:

Google Analytics is a free outsourced service from Google - world class intuitive reporting, but with no IT overheads to worry about. You have the comfort of knowing that all hardware, bandwidth, maintenance, backups and update requirements are taken care of for you, by the world's most powerful and advanced network - Google.

Focusing on being Data and not Menu driven, Google Analytics offers a user-friendly Interface that provides options, information and customisation.

Intuitively browse your website with Google Analytics metrics overlaid directly on your links. Immediately see the popularity and effectiveness of each link on every page of your site. These powerful and graphic reports display the effectiveness of your site design in a visual method that is instantly understandable.

Discover at a glance where your best customers are located - drill down through 4 levels of geography to city level. Find out your visitors connection speed and which markets are the most lucrative. Compare conversion metrics and visitor value for just about any geographic location.

Define your own custom segments or dive into over thirteen pre-defined segments such as geographic location and new vs. returning visitors. Compare visitor behaviour, conversion metrics, and trends for individuals or groups of visitors.

Eliminate bottlenecks in your checkout and conversion processes in order to reduce abandonment. Use Google Analytics' custom configured funnels to pinpoint where visitors leave your funnels and find out where they go.

Compare metrics across months, days, weeks, or any two arbitrary date ranges. Google Analytics shows you whether you are "up" or "down" for each metric.

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