Invatron - ePLUM - Enterprise Scale Management

By: Invatron  09-12-2011

Manage all your scales centrally with ePLUM—Invatron’s next generation scale management solution designed to make managing your scales easier and more economical than ever.

See and do more for less

You know that delivering increased value at a lower cost through all your activities, including scale management operations, is always a priority. We built ePLUM based on fifteen years experience supplying scale management solutions to over 10,000 grocery stores. With enhanced scale visibility from a central location and new automation options to simplify administration, ePLUM makes all your scales more manageable with fewer resources.

A wise investment

ePLUM pays for itself in so many ways:

  • ePLUM’s components can be installed centrally, reducing or even eliminating the required investment for your in-store computing environments.
  • ePLUM is easily accessible from a Web browser, eliminating the need for expensive “fat-client” computers in the store, for scale management.
  • ePLUM consolidates database management into a single enterprise-level database, improving database integrity and reducing your costs for system replication, synchronization, and data maintenance.
  • ePLUM uses new firmware technology to interface with legacy serial scales, extending their life and saving on the cost of purchasing, installing, and maintaining store software and hardware.

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