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By: International Surface Preparation Canada  09-12-2011
Keywords: Dust Collectors, Finishing Equipment, Blast Systems

Abrasive Airblast Equipment 
• Pressure and Suction Hand Blast
• Cabinets
• Plastic Media BlastCabinets
• Sodium Bicarbonate Cabinets
• Blast Rooms
• Vacuum & Mechanical Reclaim
• Systems
• Wet Blast Cabinets
• Micro Blast Systems 

Airblast Automation 
• Indexing Turntables
• Continuous Turntables
• Through Feed Conveyers
• Tumble Blast Machines
• Rotary Head Machines
• Shot Peening Equipment

Portable Airblast Equipment
• Bulk and Portable Blasters
• Complete Blaster Packages
• Precision Media Blasters
• Soda Blasters
• Double Chamber Blasters
• Blast-and-Recovery Systems
• Air Dryers and Aftercoolers
• Moisture Separators 

Vacuum Loading Systems

Material Transfer Systems

Airblast Parts
• Control Metering Valves
• Blaster Conversion Kits
• Blast Nozzles and Holders
• Blast and Air Hose
• Couplings, Fittings, Gaskets and Gloves

Blast Lights & Inspection Lights

Safety Equipment
• Respirators and Filters
• Blast Hoods
• Air Pumps & Air Purifiers
• Carbon Monoxide Monitors 

Mass Finishing Equipment & Parts
• Vibratory Bowls
• Vibratory Tubs
• Centrifugal Disc
• High-Energy Barrels
• Continuous Flow-Through
• Drag Finishers
• Material Handling
• Sound Covers
• Screen Separators
• Polyurethane Relining and Casting
• Wastewater Treatment Systems
• Cobb Driers
• Belt Driers

Parts Washers & Dryers
• Rotary Barrel
• Conveyor Belt Washers
• Carousel Washers
• Cabinet Washers
• Agitating Tank Washers
• Aqueous Washers
• Emersion Washers
• Spray Washers
• Ultrasonic Cleaning
• Hot Air Dryers
• Lubricants and Coolants


Containment Systems
• Containment Screens
• Portable Fans and Dust Bags
• Hand Wash Systems 

Dust Collectors, Parts & Filters
• Bag House Collectors
• Reverse Pulse Cartridge Collectors
• Wet Dust Collectors
• Replacement Bags and Cartridges 

Wheelblast Equipment
• Roll Conveyers
• Spinner Hangers
• Structural Pass-Through
• Tables
• Tumblasts
• Wire Mesh Belt 

Paint Rooms & Paint Booths 

Inspection Equipment
• Dry and Wet Film Gauges
• Needle and Nozzle Gauges
• Surface Profile Film
• Almen Strips
• Micrometers

Technical Services
• Preventative Maintenance Programs
• Equipment Rebuild and Repair
• Turnkey Installations
• Sample Processing
• Process Consultation
• Media Sampling
• Cleaning Surveys
• Blast System Surveys

Keywords: Blast Cabinets, Blast Systems, Dust Collectors, Finishing Equipment, Mass Finishing, Mass Finishing Equipment,

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International Surface Preparation Canada, LTD - portables

The portable pressure series of portable sandblasting equipment is ideal for body, paint and welding shops and for use in refinishing vehicles, boats, log homes, monuments, brick buildings and industrial equipment. These systems are manufactured for industrial applications but can also be used by small shops and individuals for economical and efficient blasting of a variety of applications.


International Surface Preparation Canada, LTD - empire

No matter what your budget, our portable blasters are built to keep you ahead of your competition and adding profit to your bottom line. Empire has the deepest portable line-up in the industry, and we offer you the most rugged, dependable equipment on the market today.


Blast Cabinets - International Surface Preparation Canada, LTD

These user-friendly cabinets are available as either suction systems or high-velocity pressure blast systems, and come in several standard sizes with choice of dust collector or dust bag. Let our experts help design the configuration to boost your company’s capabilities and keep you on the competitive edge. With a broad range of factory options available, you can truly customize a system to meet your specific requirements.