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By: International Surface Preparation Canada  09-12-2011
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Portable Blasting Systems are available in two types - pressure fed and siphon or gravity-fed. Portable pressure blast systems use a pressurized pot of varying sizes to push media through a hose and out a nozzle. These systems are manufactured for industrial applications but can also be used by small shops and individuals for economical and efficient blasting of a variety of applications. Siphon-type portable blasters are typically used for small, light-duty blasting applications. These systems are generally very inexpensive but are not made to last.

A portable pressure blast system can be used to strip rust, paint, dirt, mold and other unwanted deposits of a variety of surfaces. Using portable blasting equipment to pressure blast allows abrasives to penetrate into the deepest pitted areas of a part or surface. The portable pressure series of portable sandblasting equipment is ideal for body, paint and welding shops and for use in refinishing vehicles, boats, log homes, monuments, brick buildings and industrial equipment.

Portable Presser Systems come in many sizes and feature a portable tank design for ease of movement. Both the size of the pressure pot and the size of the nozzle will determine the length of continuous blasting available. The length of the blast hose can be up to 50 feet before the drop in air pressure is a factor. Lengths up to 100 feet can be managed with the appropriate air supply.

All of the portable pressure blasters offered by

International Surface Preparation

can handle any type of dry blast media. Aggressive applications, such as heavy rust and paint stripping off large areas, may require media such as Aluminum Oxide or Crushed Glass Grit .Moderate applications, such as auto restoration and mold removal  will demand media such as Walnut Shells ,Plastic Media or Glass Beads . On softer surfaces such as wood and log homes the pressure blasters will work best with a media such as corn cob & Sodium Carbonate (Soda).

Keywords: Blast Systems, Blasting, Pressure Blast, surface preparation,

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