Employee Reward Programs - Theme Products

By: Intelispend  09-12-2011

Theme cards have many of the advantages of custom merchant products, because they’re powered by DirectSpendSM merchant selection capabilities. They’re an effective way to inspire people, because each theme helps people frame in mind an ideal, personal spending experience. And themed cards are also easy for you, because they’re available in standard versions at our online store or with customized branding and collateral through our sales team.

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Employee Reward Programs - Services

American Express® is a federally registered service mark of American Express and is used by InteliSpend pursuant to a license.In the United States, the following American Express-branded cards are issued by InteliSpend Prepaid Solutions, LLC: Preferences, MAX Shopping, Dining, Restaurant, Dinner and Movie, Gas, Travel, and Everything Cards.


Employee Reward Programs - Ordering Options

That’s why we offer options to work for clients from small to large, and programs from simple to complex. When you think about rewards, the way you order them probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind.


Employee Health, Reward & Wellness Products

So they stand out in your recipient’s wallets, reminding them of their reward repeatedly, before they’re spent on something special, or practical, or both. They give you the ability to leverage the brands of powerful financial networks. Universally accepted rewards are a more elegant, effective solution than cash.


Employee Reward Programs - Merchant Selection Products

This is ultimate customization, because you have all our other customization options at your fingertips, plus the ability to include or eliminate merchants by industry, name and more. We’ll help you develop it and build it, so you have something truly unique, that perfectly fits your needs. It gives you the power to access bigger possibilities. This is made possible with our patented DirectSpendSM.


Employee Reward Programs - Management

Whether you choose our Reward NavigatorSM platform or something fully customized, both program administrators and participants will benefit from user-friendly interfaces and fingertip access anytime of day or night. Plus, our program management platforms are able to support domestic and international programs, and are compatible with preloaded or reloadable cards or cheques.