Instrumar Fiber System – Intelligent Fiber Production Processes

By: In-store Canada  09-12-2011

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The Instrumar Fiber System™ is a progressive approach that delivers quick wins and return on investment. We do this in three stages of implementation: Stage 1 gives you unprecedented visibility into all of the processes and all of the product; Stage 2 produces real-time improvement of production processes; and In Stage 3 you are relying on Instrumar technology to monitor and prescribe improvements to your production processes, which gives you the confidence you need to grow and serve new markets. Instrumar has a team of experienced professionals in place to ensure that each manufacturer maximizes the potential from the information. The Instrumar team, consisting of mechanical, software, and applications engineers, provides the level of service you want for installation, integration, and post-installation support of the Instrumar Fiber System.

Benefits of Instrumar Services

Faster Time to Information
The key for any manufacturer is to have information flowing as quickly as possible. Instrumar has experience on a number of different fibers, processes and machine configurations. This expertise allows for the accelerated installation of the Instrumar Fiber System to ensure that manufacturers get the information they need as quickly as possible. Minimize Risks and Costs
Instrumar personnel significantly reduce the time and load on the manufacturer's resources. This reduction has two significant advantages: it frees up the manufacturer's resources for day-to-day activity, and it reduces the learning curve and risk associated for the manufacturing resources in implementing the Instrumar Fiber System.

Description of Services

Evaluation Services
Instrumar analyzes the needs of the manufacturer to show the value provided by the Instrumar Fiber System. This service gives the manufacturer information on the costs, feasibility, and benefits of the Instrumar Fiber System. System Fitment Services
Deploying the Instrumar Fiber System requires mechanical fitment of the Instrumar sensors to the spinning machine. Instrumar engineers have the knowledge and expertise across multiple machine platforms to provide for a low-risk, cost-effective fitment solution. Training Services
Our training program is designed to train your staff in effectively using the Instrumar Fiber System and its software solutions – Instrumar PlantView™ and Instrumar Reporter™. The training is a combination of classroom and hands-on instruction and can be customized for on-site delivery. Plant Integration Services
Based on the manufacturer's needs, information from the Instrumar Fiber System can be integrated with a plant's real-time quality system. The flexible architecture of the Instrumar Fiber System allows for integration to various plant devices:
  • Automation systems
  • Grading devices (for example, LEDs and label printers)
  • A plant's management information system
Value Enhancement Services
These services assist you in further enhancing the value that can be extracted from Instrumar information. These services range from data mining services and consultation to software enhancements and upgrades. to have a conversation about your needs.