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By: Homeopathy Health Plus  09-12-2011

About Appointment and Follow-UpTo prescribe the best remedy for your illness, detailed information of your symptoms is necessary. A collection of all your symptoms is important to find an accurate treatment. Every question asked may have a definite meaning and significance for us. Every question is important, in that some symptoms you may not think significant may be the factor we are missing to help you receive the best treatment. Please take the time to understand each question; we need a complete answer to this question. Remember, whatever information you may give us is absolutely confidential, so do not keep anything back. First Consultation and Follow-UpWe need your co-operation to obtain all your symptoms. The finale remedies selected in your case IS BASED ON THE COMPLETE SYMPTOMS YOU GIVE US. We require all the details of your illness. We need to know what makes you an individual. This includes your past and family history, your state of mind, and emotional nature. We do not diagnose your condition, so "I have a migraine" is not enough. We require details such as, when did is start, the location of the pain, what makes your headaches better, what makes your headaches worse, etc.? Other symptoms along with the pain are significant, such as: what type of pain do you have, throbbing, pounding, or sharp pain. We need information for your whole system, so you should give us symptoms even if you think they are unrelated. All these questions help us understand your "migraines" and guide us in giving you relief through an accurate treatment. Please note: that your first consultation usually takes one hour to one and a half hours according to your case. After this consultation we will explain how we intend to work with you.Information about follow-up Consultations

Your next consultation is usually three weeks after your initial appointment.
Your previous symptoms will be reviewed. You should mention all the changes you have experienced in the preceding three weeks. We need not just your symptoms for your illness but everything in general. As you progress to wellness, your appointments are going to get further and further apart. If your symptoms are changing slowly your consultations will be more frequent. If you have any questions between consultations, you may call. If during this period you have acute symptoms, please advise us as soon as possible. If your medication changes from your family physician please inform us.