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By: Healthy Body Wellness  09-12-2011

Nature's Sunshine Products

Nature's Sunshine and Quality Control

Quality is the hallmark which separates Nature's Sunshine products from all other herb based products offered by health food stores or other direct sales companies. Nature's Sunshine perpetuates its long standing position at the forefront of the industry with details to ensure purity, potency and cleanliness of each and every product they produce.

Nature's Sunshine buys its raw materials from the most reputable suppliers in the world. The Company has invested millions of dollars in high tech testing equipment to ensure that the methods and facilities are state of the art. Employed are quality control experts who conduct more than 150 different testing procedures. In this way, Nature's Sunshine starts off with base ingredients and components of unquestionable quality. They test the products both before and after manufacturing to be assured that what is claimed on the label is exactly what is in the bottle.

Each phase of quality control testing shows a little more about the purity and cleanliness of the herb. And only after the herb has passed the battery of tests to the standards of phamaceutical testing is it released into production. Records are kept detailing every lot of raw material that goes into a product. Lot numbers are also on every product for further control. Inspectors monitor all aspects of production, ensuring that capsule weights, bottle count, liquid volumes, and bulk weights are up to standards.

At Nature's Sunshine, quality is not just a word it is a commitment to always produce the finest products available.