What You Need to Know When Ordering Pallets

By: Happy Pallets  10-03-2015
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Many are the questions we get from our customers in terms of pallet specifications and our services. So we have summed up the most frequently asked questions for your information. In what geographic areas does Happy Pallet operate? Happy Pallets services the entire GTA area reaching Mississauga, Toronto, Burlington, Brampton, Milton, Oakville, Vaughan, Scarborough, Richmond Hill and Markham. Q. What are the pallet services you provide? A. Happy Pallets manufactures brand new pallets, re-manufactures pallets and recycles a large assortment of the most used sized pallets. Q. How many pallets are you handle per week? A. Up to 10,000 pallets per week Q. What are the specifications I need to provide when discussing an order or asking for a quote? A. You need to specify size, space in between boards, type of lumber (new or used), if pallets will be used for export overseas, weight to be handled by the pallet. Also, you need to specify if an extra stringer is required in case weight is too heavy and whether you want your pallets manufactured with hard wood or soft wood. You may add any other specification you deem necessary for us to customize the pallets to your requirements. Q. What is your process? A. First, we sort out pallets by size and condition. Then, we repair the damaged pallets and stack the for resale. Finally, we deliver to your location. Q. Does Happy Pallets buy pallets? A. We buy pallets that are either in good condition or damaged. Damaged pallets are repaired and re-sold. Q. How much weight can a pallet hold? A. The size is not an issue for us. We will manufacture a brand new pallet or recommend a recycled pallet to adjust to your weight needs. We only need to know the weight to be handled and will manufacture a pallet meeting said weight need. Q. Can you define a two-way pallet and four-way pallet? A.  Two-way runner pallet allows the entry of forks or hand pallet trucks from two sides only and in opposite directions. These runners do have the best strength.  Four-way runner pallet does allow for forklift entry from all sides; however, it is a little less durable. These pallets come in two sub-categories:  Block design pallet allows four-way entry with both forklift and hand pallet trucks.  Notched stringer pallet design allows four-way entry only with forklift trucks, and two-way entry with hand pallet trucks. Q. What is your minimum order quantity? A. We do not have a minimum quantity! We are able to process any quantity of pallets. Q. How are your custom built wooden pallets assembled? A. The deck boards of our pallets are fastened to the stringers using self-tapping nails. Q. What are your lead times? A. Our standard lead time four our current customers is 72 hours from placing the placement to delivery. For new customers, our standard lead time is up to 5 business days. We are also able to serve same day to meet our customer’s needs if required. Q. How large can you build your wooden pallets? A. We can build any size pallet up to 10 foot long.   Q. Where are you located? A. We are located in Mississauga, Ontario. Click here to see the map for our location http://www.happypallets.com/contact-us/ Did you find your answer to your question? If not, please call us 416 735 7338.

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