Value-added services

By: Goodfellow Usa  09-12-2011

A production company usually has a large number of suppliers, making life difficult for the procurement/purchasing department.  For example, a component may be ordered as raw material, shipped to another supplier for machining, and then to another for coating, leading to a complex relationship with a large and increasing number of suppliers.  Goodfellow is able to simplify your supply chain by providing our materials in the precise form that you require, allowing you to reduce the number of suppliers you need to manage.  The services we can offer in addition to the supply of materials include:

  1. Precision machining, cutting, turning, rolling, drilling, grinding, milling, etc.
  2. Forming, bending, shaping, etc.
  3. Coating with almost any metal or polymer to a defined thickness
  4. Surface treatment, mechanical polishing, chemical polishing, etc.