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By: Go Tap Plus  09-12-2011
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Our Services

G. O. TAP PLUS Inc. stands by 24 hours a day, 365 days a years, weekends and holidays, for every client we build up from scratched as well as with any other client. We provide services for each client according to his/her individual demand.

Vacuuming Services
We have a new addition which is a low profile truck suitable for cleaning most underground garage. Suitable to reach areas where other trucks cannot. Our vacuum service includes catch basins, trench drains, grease traps (restaurants), laundry pits, sanitary ejector tanks, and other services.

Power Flushing
G.O. Tap Plus is equipped with a large truck mounted flusher. The powerful water drain machine will ensure the drain is free from grease and year’s build up. Especially the built-up caused by syrup in the drain line. G. O. Tap services high – rises buildings, movie theatres, fast food restaurant, donuts and muffins shops. It can also be used to power wash garages, be under or above ground.

Video Inspection
G.O. Tap Plus serves many large commercial and residential buildings with our state of the art Video Camera Inspection (UVI) equipment, giving us the ability to crawl through pipelines, and inspect lengths of up to 500 feet. This enables us to find cracked, broken, and even crushed pipes. With our equipment, we are capable of video inspecting drains, enabling us to determine the problem and the cause for a minimal cost.

Location Services
G.O. Tap Plus provides unique services where other contractors are not able to give. We can locate underground-buried pipes and other services such as bell, gas, hydro, fiber optics, providing the exact locations. This will avoid unnecessary repeated back charge and disruption of services.

Back-Flow Preventers
We are well equipped to handle your commercial, industrial back-flow prevention needs. Most Ontario’s municipalities have by-laws that require all commercial, industrial and institutional buildings to have proper testable and functional back-flow prevention devices in place.

G.O. Tap Plus realizes that there are countless ways to heat a building. We have experienced technicians with the know-how to install and repair many different heating processes; from in-floor heating to ceiling space unit heaters, and not to mention hot water radiator systems. Whatever the type you have, our technicians can assist you in the repair or the installation.

Vacuum Breakers
G.O. Tap Plus has licensed technicians to install Pressure Vacuum Breakers (PVB), which are used in irrigation and sprinkler systems, Double Check Valve Assembly (DCVA) used in public swimming pools, steam generators and heating equipment.

Water Treatment
G.O. Tap Plus takes pride in the products that it supplies to quality food and beverage companies, with quality-tested water coolers, and filtration systems to reduce the harmful particles and contaminants. Our products are certified to the highest standards of NSF International.

Other Plumbing Services
G.O Tap Plus provides new construction for fast food restaurant such as, McDonalds, Tim Horton’s, New York Fries, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, as well as Night Clubs like Halton Harbour Castle and Government Night Clubs. We also repair and replace catch basins, trench drains, hot water tanks, reline storage tanks as well as pumps services.

Touch less Electronic Faucets
Nowadays, it has become more and more important the use of touchless electronic faucets due to the increase of contagious disease spread. The Province of Ontario is speculating the application of a by-law that by 2005 all public washrooms should be equipped with touchless electronic faucets to avoid disease such as SARS.

G.O. Tap Plus is skilled in trouble-shooting electronic touch less faucets with our special equipment which diagnoses the source of the problem, by cutting out the guessing work. G.O. Tap Plus works mainly with Delta Faucets touch less electronic faucets. These faucets come with a lifetime-limited warranty. However, G. O. Tap Plus supplies all brands of electronic faucets as per customer’s choice.

Keywords: Drains, Electronic Faucets, Heating, Vacuum Service, video inspection,