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By: Global Utilities  09-12-2011
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OPGW Cables:


OPGW is one of the special optical fiber cables electrical power lines which are installed at the towers
or poles of the aerial power transmission lines.

Global Utilities can supply following parts according to IEEE Std 1138-2002:IEEE standard Construction of Composite
Fiber optic overhead Ground wire (OPGW) for use on Electric utility power lines and IEEE Std 1222-2004:IEEE Standard for all-dielectric self-supporting Fiber optic cable.


OPGW offered by globalutiliites. has been tested for all major type tests from kinetrics Lab in Ontario, Canada.

Test Name Specification
Aeolian Vibration Test IEEE Std 1138, paragraph
Bend Test IEC 60794-1 E11, Procedure 2
Cable Cut-off Wavelength IEEE Std 1138, paragraph
Creep Test IEEE Std 1138, paragraph
Crush Test IEEE Std 1138, paragraph
Galloping Test IEEE Std 1138, paragraph
Impact Test IEEE Std 1138, paragraph
Lightning Test IEEE Std 4
Salt Spray Corrosion Test EIA/TIA 455-24A
Seepage of Flooding Compound IEEE Std 1138, paragraph
Sheave Test IEEE Std 1138, paragraph
Short Circuit Test IEEE Std 1138, paragraph
Strain Margin/Tensile Performance IEEE Std 1138, paragraph
Stress-Strain/Fibre-Strain Test IEEE Std 1138, paragraph
Temperature Cycle Test IEEE Std 1138, paragraph
Water Ingress Test IEEE Std 1138, paragraph

Design Performance

  • Fiber Court and Type
  • Structure of Cable
  • Overall Diameter (mm)
  • Calculated Sectional Area (mm²)
  • Calculated Mass(kg/km)
  • RTS-rated Tensile Strength(kN)
  • Elastic Modulus(N/mm²)
  • Linear Expansion Coefficient(1/°C)
  • DC Resistance( Ω/km)
  • Short Current Capacity(kA²s)
  • MAT-Max Allowable Tensile Strength(kN)
  • Storage and Operating Temperature (°C)
  • Strain Margin(%)
  • Outer Layer Standing Direction


Structure Characteristic and Application

  • Al-covered steel tube design increasing Al sectional area, the
    better fault current and lightning resistance performance
  • Extremely good corrosion resistance
  • Used in the transmission line which specifies the small cable
    diameter and bigger fault current.
  • Extremely corrosion condition, such as littoral, chemical areas

Structure Drawing


Structure Characteristic and Application

  • Small outer diameter and light weight, no additional load for tower or pole
  • High Breaking load, applicable in coastal area and other terrible environment.Different colring loose tube, easy to distinguish multi-core OPGW ans splice optical fiber
  • Reasonable structure and secondary fiber excess length ensures there is no fiber strain under maximum allowable load.

Structure Drawing


Structure Characteristic and Application

  • Compressing round AS wires as sector AS wires during Standing
  • Increasing cable cross sectional area and fault current capacity at the
    same cable diameter
  • Extremely increasing lightning resistant performance for increasing the
    outer wires diameter at the same cable diameter
  • Decreasing cable diameter at the same cable cross sectional area
  • Used in the transmission line which specifies the small cable diameter
    and bigger fault current
  • Used in high lightning storm areas

Structure Drawing

Keywords: Cables, Fiber

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