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By: Global School Products  09-12-2011

Type 200

Our Type 200 Aluminum trims are intended for the use of our chalkboards, whiteboards, and tackboards of a ½" (12mm). Type 200 enables our preframed boards to be placed on our aluminum trims for easy mounting capability.

Our chalk trays within this type are triangular in shape, and extend 3-½" (87mm) from the wall.

The map rail that is installed above each of our boards is 2" (50mm) in width. Cork insert, end clips and 2 roller map hooks for each 8' feet of board is also additionally included.

For millwork, Global School Products also offers a single web chalk tray.

Type 400

Like our Type 200 aluminum trims, this type assures the easy mounting of ½" (12mm) thick materials. However, instead of our boards, this aluminum trim is used to put up thick panels.

The single chalk tray extends 3" (75mm) from the chalkboards. Additionally, Global School Products a 2" (50mm) wide map rail with a cork insert and a ¾" (!9mm) face perimeter trim.

Global School Products also offers a Divider Bar if necessary. These divider bars also for the joint use of a variety of boards, such as chalkboard/tackboard combinations. It is also used for tackboard elevations that are longer 8' feet (2440mm).

Economy design for permanent wall mounting of ½" (12mm) thick panels.

Type 600

The Type 600 boards are used for business that require the use of boards for multiple rooms, without having to invest on separate boards for each room. Global School Products Type 600 boards allow for our boards to be detached or separated from the wall, which can then be moved from room to room effortlessly and easily. For this type of series, Global School Products offers the three prominent types of boards (chalkboard, whiteboard, and tackboard) for use of this the Type 600.

The wall mounting that hold our boards up, are made from heavy-duty aluminum trim, that also include hangers mounted on the top and bottom.

T463 chalktray for sliding systems


Type 700

Type 700 is another type of mounting using aluminum trim that our company is proud to offer. For this type, the boards is not mounted on wall, but rather on pilaster strips that are fastened to the surface of the wall. The heavy duty steel end clips and hooks which attach to the pilaster, also produce additional security which prevent the movement of boards. We offer the use of chalkboards, tackboards, and whiteboards for this type, which are already framed for easy installation and assembly.

Type 800

Type 800 assures the framing of our boards for easy mounting on our offered trims (please see Types 200, 400, 600, and 700). All boards are consistent with the ½" thick (12mm) width that each of our aluminum trims require. Each preframed board is supplied with its own L-Clips for mounting. All L-Clips are made from galvanized steel.

Additional perimeter trim is also installed on different sides of each board, and are as follows:

  • all sides of tackboards
  • three sides of the chalkboard and whiteboard
  • All models include a chalk tray.

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