By: Gbds  09-12-2011
Keywords: Project Management, Engineers, Project Management Team


GBDS Inc. has the capability of providing a professional, quality service to its clients in a number of ways. 1) Where required, specific Engineers can be assigned to work at the clients site. These Engineers would work under the control of the clients management team. 2) Where necessary, specific teams of Engineers can be assigned to the clients site, to work on defined projects. These teams of Engineers would be under our management, which would in turn work closely with the clients project management team and relevant department heads. 3) Where possible, GBDS Inc. will complete work packages that would be undertaken in our offices. Regular meetings would be implemented to ensure that the client is fully aware of progress being made. Daily communications, where necessary, will be provided, to ensure that the project runs smoothly. Work Packages will be based on the following criteria:
  • A Request for Proposal, generated by the client.
  • A Statement of Work, generated by the client. Alternatively, GBDS Inc. is prepared to generate a Statement of Work that would be agreed between GBDS Inc. and the client.
  • Signature of Contract. The contracts would generally be fixed price, except for the instances whereby it is difficult to predict the amount of time required to complete certain tasks or activities to the clients requirements. In such situations, the work would be paid according to the number of hours actually worked. This would be agreed prior to signature of contract.
  • Completion of Work Package. GBDS Inc. will be responsible for delivering the work within the agreed timeframe and in accordance with the parameters set out in the Statement of Work and the agreed Contract. The work will be guaranteed to be completed in a professional manner and be of a quality that befits the clients and our own high standards.

Keywords: Engineers, Project Management, Project Management Team