Sanitary Food & Beverage Membranes

By: G E Water  09-12-2011

Performing in harsh conditions to meet sanitary standards

Customers from wine makers and dairy operators to food producers and pharmaceutical professionals increasingly rely on spiral membranes from GE. With the broadest product offering in the industry, GE provides membrane elements that are:

Food producers use GE membranes to concentrate proteins and fractionate proteins or sugars. Wine-makers use them for applications such as wine/alcohol adjustment, wine stabilization, and enzyme stabilization, ensuring consistent product quality.

Our membranes also help pharmaceutical producers meet rigorous standards in monitoring and controlling water purity. GE designs membranes with high sodium chloride rejection, strong performance in harsh conditions, and low energy requirements. Our membranes meet all United States Pharmacopeia (USP) standards, ensuring that pharmaceuticals achieve the highest levels of quality.

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Industrial Process Membranes

Based on decades of experience as a membrane supplier, GE custom designs membrane elements to operate effectively in challenging environments that include. Industrial customers need products that can perform in a range of conditions and multiple process applications. Membrane elements from GE serve a broad spectrum of applications. Unique elements that increase productivity and profit.