FUJITSU: Fujitsu America - Servers

By: FUJITSU  09-12-2011

FUJITSU: Fujitsu America - Servers

As a global IT infrastructure provider, Fujitsu offers a complete range of servers designed to fill any role in today's business. Whether your business requires affordable entry-level servers, compact and scalable blade systems, or advanced multiprocessor servers capable of handling the most demanding data center applications, the PRIMERGY® line delivers Intel®Architecture servers with the rock-solid reliability and industry-leading performance you need.


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My very first VMware® delivers "Always On IT" to small and medium-sized businesses, bringing the high availability, performance and reliability of the Fujitsu and VMware platform together with cost-effective IT solution packages.

PRIMERGY TX100 S1 Server

The PRIMERGY® TX100 S1 server is a powerful and affordable system perfect for server deployments at small businesses.

PRIMERGY TX100 S2 Server

PRIMERGY TX140 S1 Server

The PRIMERGY TX140 S1 delivers an expandable, manageable and affordable server platform for small and medium size business.

The PRIMERGY TX150 S7 Server

With dramatic improvements in performance and expandability over previous generation systems, the PRIMERGY TX150 S7 is the right system for small and medium size remote offices that demand expandability, efficiency, and availability.

PRIMERGY TX200 S6 Server

PRIMERGY TX300 S5 Server

A flexible and expandable tower server, the PRIMERGY TX300 S5 is an enterprise class dual socket system that delivers the performance, efficiency, and remote manageability needed for business critical remote sites.

PRIMERGY TX300 S6 Server

The PRIMERGY TX300 S6 is a dual socket tower server that delivers excellent performance, availability, and scalability combined with powerful remote management features. It is a great platform for distributed deployments that require a powerhouse tower server.

PRIMERGY TX300 S5 with the SAP Discovery System V4

The Fujitsu SAP Discovery System V4 is a sandbox environment that bundles a PRIMERGY TX300 S5 server with customized SAP scenarios to evaluate SAP Netweaver®, SOA, and SAP® BusinessObjects™.

PRIMERGY RX100 S7 Server

PRIMERGY RX200 S6 Server

The PRIMERGY RX200 S6 dual processor rack server offers excellent performance, scalability and reliability in a 1U form factor

PRIMERGY RX300 S6 Server

The PRIMERGY RX300 S6 is a rock solid platform for enterprise applications or virtualized environments. Generous expandability and a flexible 2U chassis designed for power and cooling efficiency make it the perfect platform for today’s data centers.

PRIMERGY RX600 S5 Server

The PRIMERGY RX600 S5 offers huge increases in performance and memory scalability in a four processor platform designed for demanding enterprise applications such as large scale databases, messaging, or server virtualization.

PRIMERGY RX600 S6 Server

The PRIMERGY RX600 S6 quad processor rack server delivers the reliability, scalability and performance needed for critical company IT services such as databases or large scale virtualization.

PRIMERGY RX900 S2 Server

The PRIMERGY RX900 S2 lifts Windows and Linux into new realms of scalability, where up to eight processors supporting 80 cores can access 2 TB of physical DDR3 memory. The RX900 S2 is the ultimate powerhouse for hosting large databases, hundreds of virtual machines, and the most demanding multi-threaded applications.

FibreCAT SX40 Storage Subsystem

Supporting up to 12 hot-plug hard drives, the FibreCAT SX40 storage subsystem is a reliable and cost-effective storage expansion for PRIMERGY Servers.


The PRIMERGY CX1000 is an innovative Scale-Out server infrastructure platform designed to provide lower costs and higher efficiency and density for large scale server deployments. It is perfect for customers who are migrating to an internal cloud data center strategy, for hosting providers, or for HPC infrastructures.

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CSI chose Fujitsu over other companies due to a variety of reasons, but we felt that the company displayed leadership in server virtualization innovations and fully reflected our needs.. Mr. Wilfred Chan, Director - IT and administration, CITIC Securities International Company Limited. CITIC Securities International Company Limited (Hong Kong.


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The Fujitsu Environmental Protection Program, started over a decade ago, was implemented to promote power efficiency and creatively address all IT environmental barriers to building Green Data Centers. Fujitsu realizes that this is just the beginning of a long and sustained effort to "go green," which can clearly be seen in the Fujitsu PRIMERGY®, PRIMEQUEST®, and ETERNUS® product families.