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By: Formatic  09-12-2011
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Most of our business is parts production. We can take your shop drawings and produce the parts you need when you need them. With rigorous inspection throughout the fabrication process, you are assured that your parts will be exactly what you require. Standard Tolerances:
Laser cutting and punching +/-0.005"
Brake press forming +/-0.010" to 0.015"
Weldments +/-0.015" to 0.030"

Our in-house fabrication services include:

  • Shearing
  • Punching/Laser cutting
  • Forming
  • Welding

Other Services:

Does your assembly contain machined parts? Formatic can help. We have partnered with several machine shops who work with us to produce CNC machined parts.

Other Cutting Processes:

Do you require material thicker than 0.250" cut as part of your assembly? Formatic 2000 has also partnered with a number of companies that offer plasma/laser/water jet cutting of thicker or unusual materials. Call us today with your requirements.


We have developed relationships with local companies who provide a variety of finishing processes. If you require a specific finish for your parts, let us know your requirements.

Among the finishes we can arrange are:
  • Spray Painting (for most common metals)
  • Electrostatic Powder Coat (indoor and outdoor finishes for most metals)
  • Black Oxide (steel)
  • Anodizing (aluminum)
  • Alodine (aluminum)


Regardless of your location, you'll get your parts when you need them. We work with several couriers and trucking companies in the Toronto area, and can arrange same day/next day delivery as required. Unless otherwise arranged, all orders are FOB Formatic.

We are also conveniently located near Toronto's Pearson International Airport, and the central depots of most of the international courier companies.

Whatever your shipping and packaging requirements, Formatic can help. From hundreds of large parts on pallets to single small boxed prototypes, we can get you the parts you need.

Keywords: International Courier, International Courier Companies