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By: Flying Penguin  09-12-2011
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If you're considering - or using - other brands of demand generation software we can help you with: needs analysis, systems comparison, strategy development, implementation, CRM integration and execution of your lead generation program.

Flying Penguin creates advertising that builds technology brands and increases market share. Our banner ads have sold over $1,000,000 of hardware for Hewlett Packard. We've created successful print ads for one of the fastest growing software companies in Canada. An integrated advertising campaign - online and offline – helped our client increase market share 150%.

People buy technology from companies they can depend on. Flying Penguin can help you become better known and better respected by your target audience. We can also help you “close the loop” so you can turn your increased brand recognition into more sales leads and higher revenue.

We've helped numerous technology companies create and execute integrated campaigns across multiple media.   Each campaign built the brand and increased sales.   We've also created consistently branded marketing communications – in multiple media – that effectively generated sales leads for Hewlett Packard.

Prospects want to know how other people profit from your technology, but they will refuse to read about every piece of functionality.

Flying Penguin creates case studies that work: designed and written to draw highly involved prospects – the kind most likely to buy – into the story and keep them reading through to the end, while at the same time communicating the most important selling points to less involved prospects who may just glance at your case study. We know how to communicate your functional “sizzle” instead of your technical “steak.” We write copy that sells and integrate the design with your other branding efforts. (If you've ever worked with an advertising, marketing communications or interactive agency that finds technology “boring” or “less glamorous” than their other clients, you'll love working with Flying Penguin.)

Logos, slogans and color schemes are some of the most powerful and effective marketing communication tools ever invented.   Whether you rely on our agency to create a new logo and slogan - or simply update your existing “look and feel” - Flying Penguin will help you build a strong foundation for your brand.

Demand generation is a hot buzz word right now, and a growing number of technology marketers are purchasing expensive demand generation software, but our agency has offered affordable demand generation solutions for over a decade.

Google Analytics has its limitations, but it's free and can provide extremely valuable data. Our agency can install Google Analytics – and a number of other web analytics/lead generation/demand generation software applications - report the relevant data and recommend website improvements that will allow you to increase your sales and maximize your return on investment.

We have statistical proof that strong technology brands generate more sales leads - at a lower cost per lead - than weak brands.   Flying Penguin can help you generate leads and build your brand at the same time, in dozens of different ways: using both Search Engine Optimization and a multimedia advertising campaign to maximize web traffic, designing an effective response form that is consistent with your brand identity, ensuring that you have an attractive and well designed brochure to send to prospects who request more information, etc.

By insisting upon consistent marketing communications material, you ensure that all of your efforts work together which maximizes the strength of your brand and your ROI. (Brand integration is particularly important for software marketers because prospects often assume that Independent Software Vendors who create sloppy marketing material probably write sloppy code.)

Our agency offers landing page: monitoring, testing, improvement and optimization.

Flying Penguin can help you generate sales leads and “ close the loop .”

Technology marketers have a tendency to go to extremes when employing new media. Some go crazy: having every employee post comments on even the smallest, most obscure, only tangentially relevant blogs; adding interactivity to their software – even though the functionality isn't useful - simply so they can claim that they have “Web 2.0 features” or promoting themselves in World of Warcraft when their target market is a tiny niche who are unlikely to ever join the WoW community.

Other technology marketers more or less ignore the possibilities: posting to their blog twice a year, never checking Technorati to see who is talking about them and never participating in forums that are highly relevant to their target customer.

It is possible, however, to strategically - and cost effectively - utilize new media as part of your overall marketing communications program.   Flying Penguin can help you do it .

“Any publicity is good publicity,” is not true if you're a technology marketer. There are numerous examples, including the furor that erupted when Intel refused to recall defective processors and when Facebook launched its Beacon application.  

Flying Penguin can help you get the right type of publicity: the kind that strengthens your brand and increases sales.  

Virtually all our clients create their own PowerPoint presentations but relying on Flying Penguin to create your corporate template ensures that all your presentations - everywhere in the world – will be attractively designed, integrated with your branding efforts and consistent with all of your other marketing communication.

When we visit the websites of technology firms in the Toronto area, we're surprised by how often we see basic mistakes in response form content and design. (Silicon Valley firms also make the same mistakes, but not as frequently.) Obviously, many Canadian technology marketers aren't testing response form alternatives. (If they were, we wouldn't see so many mistakes.)

Flying Penguin provides response form: creation, testing, improvement and optimization. Form completion rate improvements of 10 percent are common. Larger increases are possible. (In fact, if your response form contains even a single basic mistake, it may be possible to double the number of leads you're generating from your website.)

There are no “silver bullets” that can guarantee you a number one ranking on Google.   (If there were, your competitors would use them to remove you from the number one spot.) There are, however, proven strategies, tactics and techniques that enable you to improve your position and can lead to a number one or two ranking.   They are particularly powerful when combined with a strong marketing strategy and a thorough understanding of your prospects search habits.

We focus our SEO efforts on the strategies, tactics and techniques that generate traffic from the prospects who are most likely to buy your technology. We can also help you convert the traffic into leads by providing: effective website design, optimized response forms and downloadable premiums.

Most interactive agencies can create a website, but how many can say that the objective of virtually every website they've ever created was to sell more software? How many can prove that the website they took live a month ago is generating more sales leads than a technology marketer's previous site? How many make recommendations - after your site is online - for improvements that can increase your sales and improve your ROI?

Flying Penguin does all that and more.

If your interactive agency doesn't ask you if you'd like your website integrated with your CRM – and integration with is usually relatively inexpensive and can be implemented quickly – do they really know how to create a website that will help you generate more leads, sell more software and maximize your ROI?

Ask us about website/CRM integration today. There are numerous benefits including: improved cooperation between marketing and sales, faster lead follow up, increased ability to score leads and improved ability to measure ROI on specific marketing programs.

Technical buyers love them. We write excellent ones. Please let us know if you'd like a quote.

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