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By: Flexsim Software Products  09-12-2011

Model Building & Consulting

Flexsim provides a whole range of model building services, from as-needed consultation where you do most of the work, to partial model building where we can provide a piece of your overall model, all the way through complete system simulations. Flexsim's model building services will provide the help you need.

Modeling support & partial model build

On a tight schedule? We can help you complete your model. One of our consultants can visit you on-site, you can work with us in person at our office, or a web conference may meet your needs.

Let one of Flexsim's experts assist you in completing your simulation. We have the know-how and experience to handle any simulation situation.

Full model building

Let Flexsim partner with you to build your entire simulation model from start to finish. We can quickly create a powerful, sophisticated, and realistic model of your system.

Working closely with you allows our engineers to properly understand the concepts and constraints of your system. Working with us allows you to finish generally 2-4 times faster, and with a more advanced model, than most new users can produce. We call this a simulation win-win!


We can inject realism and artistry into your model. Our staff is well trained in 3D design and can add that extra touch that changes your model from analysis tool to marketing tool.

By creating custom animations, 3D shapes and textures, and dynamic lighting effects, our engineers can turn an ordinary simulation model into a virtual reality showcase. Let us take your model to the next level!

Enhanced value

Flexsim's model building services add immense value to your simulations. Because we draw on such a large experience base, projects that we complete often include extra features to enhance model flexibility and usability.

Customized features and dynamic options give you greater control over the model and increase its value and lifetime.

Service rates

Projects can be contracted on an hourly basis, or bid as fixed-price, depending on our clients' needs. Fixed-price bids are based on time estimates and our service rates.

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