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By: Fitness Dynamix  09-12-2011
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We know how to make your workout fun! Whether it’s one-on-one or interactive group sessions, our personal trainers will help you firm up, get in shape or improve your athletic/fitness performance. Get started today with one of our personal training services and experience an improvement to your overall health and fitness. Muscle toning and cardiovascular exercise are key components in increasing energy, reducing stress, strengthen your body and losing weight. Choose one or a combination of our services and we’ll help you challenge your potential and reach your fitness goals.

Personal Training Services

One-on-One Personal Training Tired of not getting the fitness results you’re looking for. If so, Fitness Dynamix will design a personalized exercise program to help you look and feel your best. Our certified personal trainers will conduct a fitness assessment and customized a program to suit the specific needs of the client. We offer a variety of personalized one-on-one personal training programs to meet your fitness needs and committed to motivating you to help you reach your fitness goals.
Interactive/Group Sessions Coached by a personal trainer, interactive and group sessions allow you the opportunity to work out with friends or colleagues at an affordable cost, in a group fitness format. Enjoy the benefits of working in a group setting and the encouragement of others to reach your maximum fitness goals.
Box Fit Cardio Box Fit Cardio is a dynamic high energy, cardio-based workout, using kickboxing and interval training with a combination of jabs, hooks, punches and kicks. This is a great workout for cardio conditioning, fat burning and strength training. Through this high energy workout you can achieve endurance, balance, strength and stability. All levels are welcome!
Circuit Training Circuit training is a challenging workout which involves cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength using a combination of interval training and workout stations. This fitness program is suitable for all fitness levels as you work at your own pace, moving from station to station.
Body Sculpting Reshape and define your body composition using a series of exercises involving the stability ball, bosu ball, swiss ball, medicine ball and free weights. Body sculpting will shape, condition, reduce body fat percentage while toning, and improve energy levels.
Muscle ConditioningMuscle conditioning uses a variety of conditioning methods and equipments with a combination of exercises involving sets and high repetitions, along with the various levels of cardio training which will tone your body and improve elasticity.
Stability Ball TrainingIncorporating various stability balls into your workout will increase your core strength, balance and flexibility as you perform a combination of exercises on unstable support. Core strength is the key for any stability ball workout. You will develop overall control and strength of the core body muscles, increase lower back mobility, improve balance and increase abdominal strength.
Weight ManagementOur mission is to help you look and feel great inside and out. We understand the relationship between eating habits and exercise. Through our nutritional guidance program, we teach our clients about eating healthy and making the best food choices.

A fitness program works hand in hand with a healthy weight loss program. We are committed to improving our clients’ diet and changing their relationship with food so they are committed to a healthier lifestyle.

Core TrainingFirm up the midsection of your body with core strengthening exercises. Core training will enhance your performance and improve your posture and stability. Strengthening your body’s core reduces the risk of some heath-related problems, increase muscle agility and improve flexibility of each limb. Most core exercises are performed on a mat, stability or bosu ball and with free weights. Core training is ideal for all fitness levels.
Bootcamp Challenge with Fitness Dynamix cardio bootcamp programs. Participate in energetic and fun activities geared to sculpting your body, increasing strength and endurance. Lead by certified personal trainers, experience a great workout in a team environment and tackle an exercise challenge guaranteed to help you reach your fitness goals.
Kettlebell TrainingInterested in bringing out the athlete in you, this challenging exercise regimen will strengthen muscles, flexibility and power. Kettlebell is an eastern influenced body art which focuses on ballistic high-tension movement to achieve optimal strength and body sculpting.
Athletic and Sports Specific TrainingSports specific training is designed for all types of athletes including beginners. By using explosive and dynamic functional training, this program will optimize sports performance, reduce the potential for injury and help you develop muscular strength, endurance, flexibility and balance.
Corporate Fitness Fitness Dynamix offers fitness and wellness programs for organizations with exercise facilities. Health and wellness is becoming very important for many organizations in supporting their employees’ well-being. Employees who are healthier have more energy and are more productive, and are less likely to get sick and stressed out. Fitness Dynamix can help manage your organizations fitness programs and implement one-on-one or group exercise programs for your employees. Training available at home, condo or at an on-site fitness facility.

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