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By: Fibertech  09-12-2011

To further enhance the services Fibertech Canada provides, we carry an excellent line of complimentary endoscopy accessories. Each has been carefully chosen to ensure it meets Fibertech's stringent quality standards.

These products include:

Xenon Light Bulbs - 500 Hour Guarantee

Fiberzyme Enzymatic Cleaner and Degreaser - 100% Canadian Made and Manufactured

Endoboy - the surgeon's third hand, providing unlimited manipulation of an instrument within the operating field.

Other products and services from Fibertech


Fibertech Canada E. R. Inc - endologistics ems

EMS is a real-time endoscope tracking system that will not only contribute to quality patient care, but will seamlessly result in unit efficiencies through optimal resource planning. A revolutionary software program that will dramatically enhance the administration of your endoscopy suite.


Fibertech Canada E. R. Inc - endologistics inventory

EMS is an integrated device tracing system that tracks and records the use of each endoscope resulting in significant benefits for patient safety. You can optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of your endoscopy suite. Monitor your equipment usage today and forecast your needs for tomorrow.


Fibertech Canada E. R. Inc - loaners

Our extensive loaner pool includes endoscopes manufactured by Olympus, Pentax, Fujinon and Karl Storz. Offers loaners for most model video and fiber optic endoscopes.


Fibertech Canada E. R. Inc - endologistics

EMS is a patent pending, comprehensive software platform, specifically designed to automate the operations of the endoscopy suite. Powerful reporting capabilities allow information and reports to be generated, enabling analysis of operations from all aspects. EMS is designed to be used in any facility carrying out endoscopy procedures whether in a single or multi-site environment.


Fibertech Canada E. R. Inc - services

Accountability, Convenience, Courtesy, Responsibility, Assistance, Repest, Dependability. Fibertech Canada takes measures to ensure that your repair is done properly. At Fibertech Canada, SERVICE is not just a word, it is a way of business. Our quality control system is networked throughout our entire facility.