Domain Ensure: Domain Name Monitoring and Portfolio Management

By: Favorware  09-12-2011
Keywords: web site, portfolio management

Most businesses today consider their domain name one of their most valuable assets. However not many companies today are protecting their domain name assets as you might very well expect.

Domain Ensureā„¢ was developed to meet this need. Regardless of your company size all domain names are the focal points of your online contact with your prospects, customers, partners, investors, etc. You have probably either experienced web site outages or even seen expired domain name notices.

Why does this happen?

Believe it or not, but most web sites become unavailable due to letting the domain name expire. Domain names are purchased on an annual basis and do expire. Most organizations do not have a good handle on all of their domain names under management and when they are due to expire. Managing several domain names requires domain portfolio management, as well as maintaining accurate contact information for each of these domain names individually.

When it is time to renew registrars need to know who to contact and collect payment for the annual renewal fee for each of your domain names. Obviously this is not an efficient process, and in a lot of cases domain owners are unable to be contacted. As a result the domain name expires, and is usually purchased by someone else. By the time the domain name owner realizes what happened it is often too late.

Domain Ensure provides domain name portfolio management to track and monitor all of your domain names, across all of your organizations or clients.


  • Daily Domain Name Monitoring
  • Guaranteed Domain Renewal
  • Protected Domain Registration
  • SSL Certificate Expiry Monitoring & Reminders

Keywords: portfolio management, web site

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