SAIC: Products: Ocean & Marine Systems

By: Exploranium Gs  09-12-2011

Ocean Sensors

SAIC's buoy systems provide solutions for virtually any maritime or special operations forces mission, as well as a solid foundation for building national, end-to-end, multi-hazard warning and mitigation systems.

SAIC's COBIA Buoy is designed as a low profile, modular and fully reconfigurable buoy platform based on technologically advanced maritime expertise.

SAIC's Tsunami Buoy Systems are an enhanced version of the buoy system currently in use by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's DARTâ„¢ detection system.


SAIC's hydrographic systems support a broad range of shallow-water survey operations and can be used to process, edit and analyze survey data.

The ISS-2000 Integrated Survey System was designed for professional hydrographers and surveyors and supports a broad range of high-performance, shallow-water survey operations.

SAIC's Survey Analysis and area Based EditoR (SABER) is an efficient tool for processing, editing, updating, viewing and analyzing hydrographic survey data.

Contamination Tracking

ICWater is designed to model drinking water contamination in real-time for a rapid, effective emergency response.

Solid Waste Management

SAIC's Engineering and Manufacturing Department supplies shipboard solid waste (disposal) equipment and oily waste (ultrafiltration) polishing systems for Navy surface ships. We also manufacture and supply chlorinators, which submarines utilize while in port to suppress marine growth in their seawater piping. We provide installation, start-up, troubleshooting, field support, and training. We also provide spare and replacement parts, on-board service and refurbished units.

SAIC provides the U.S. Navy's PWP, which compresses shipboard generated plastic waste into a dense, sanitary disk 20 inches in diameter suitable for long-term storage.

The CMU is the principal component of the Plastics Waste Processor. This "heated compactor" converts shredded, plastic waste into a dense disk suitable for long-term storage.

This unit significantly improves upon the performance of the original unit by increasing processing rates and reliability and decreasing maintenance.

Our pulpers are key elements in the Marine Pollution Controls systems for shipboard solid waste management to meet the Act to Prevent Pollution from Ships (APPS) and MARPOL (Marine Pollution) Annex V.

SAIC provides the U.S. Navy Solid Waste Shredder, which processes either shipboard plastics or metal and glass into shredded pieces either for additional processing.

Liquid Waste Management

Our waste management system meets USCG and MARPOL Annex V discharge requirements.

This unit uses ultrafiltration technology to reduce the oil in water content of Oily Waste System (OWS) effluent to less than 15 parts-per-million (ppm).

Our chlorinator produces a small amount of sodium hypochlorite from seawater that is injected into the seawater cooling system to prevent biological fouling.

The below deck installed Dechlorinator works in conjunction with the Topside Chlorinator to satisfy both federal and state regulations for the discharge of chlorine to aquatic environments.

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