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By: Esselte  09-12-2011

In many ways, the attitude you have toward your job can be influenced by your immediate surroundings. After all, think about the many hours you spend each week in the office. Now look around and contemplate for a moment, what if the environment here in my workspace could be changed, even slightly..might that also change my attitude in a positive way?

The answer, according to experts who study such things, is yes. Transformations in your office space, no matter how small, can truly make a difference in your state of mind. And it doesn’t matter whether you work in a corner office or a cubicle.

Let’s explore some possibilities:


Almost every office is flooded with bright, cold and impersonal fluorescent lighting. Although this provides great visibility, it likely will do nothing to improve your mood. If your boss and building supervisors allow, try keeping a small, softly lit lamp on your desk. You might be surprised how this subtle change in lighting around your immediate work area can enhance things.

Clear floor space.

Are their boxes stacked in a corner of your cubicle? Or old magazines piled against the wall? Are there stray chairs taking up space, chairs that nobody uses? Clear it all away. By opening up more floor space, even if it’s just a few square feet, you’ll get the feeling that there’s more room to move around, alleviating the “cramped-in” feeling that comes with many cubicles.


Once again, if there’s no objection from your boss, try placing posters on the walls depicting scenes of interest to you..scenes that create a sense of relaxation for you. These might be secluded beaches, breathtaking natural vistas, or perhaps a subject that is close to your heart such as flowers, horses or children.

Install a unique screensaver.

There are thousands available, and many can be downloaded for free. Choose several that appeal to you and rotate them to constantly change the image portrayed on your computer screen.

Re-arrange the furniture.
Granted, if you work in a cubicle, this can be difficult. But if you’re fortunate enough to work in an actual office, take a cue from the ancient Asian art of Feng Shui, which among other things, promotes the positioning of furniture in a room as a way of creating a feeling of improved organization along with calmness and tranquility.

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