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By: Esprida Corporation   09-12-2011
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Esprida powers the largest self-service retail deployment in the world - use it to manage your endpoint devices.

Implement a system in days or weeks that would take months to build on your own. Esprida LiveControl manages diverse devices in a multitude of industries; it is a broad software platform that, out-of-the-box, caters to over 80% of the most needed remote management features.


Esprida Agents embed firewall friendly communications that can run on WAN, Wi-Fi, LAN, and Wireless networks.

Operation Systems:

Esprida Agents are available for Microsoft Windows®, Microsoft Windows Embedded™, Linux™, and iOS™ operating systems.


Esprida LiveControl Agents are compatible with today’s most common hardware environments.

Esprida LiveControl’ s highly scalable architecture is designed to support organizations with thousands to hundreds of thousands of endpoint devices by leveraging best-in class network infrastructure and J2EE technologies.

The Esprida notification, and rules engine implements self-healing™ so that problems can be handled automatically rather than through manual processes.

Esprida LiveControl’ s highly flexible role-based access control allows organizations to define and control access to multiple levels within the value chain (e.g. Manufacturers, Distributors, Resellers, Customers, and Service Contractors), enabling others to leverage the same system while protecting critical business information.

Integrate your device with the Esprida Agent to share: configuration information, status information, recovery commands, installation routines, and business data.

Connect your devices directly to Asset Tracking Systems, Help Desk Systems, Data Warehouse projects etc.

Esprida LiveControl includes multiple levels of encryption, secured access controls, and audit trails. Esprida LiveControl has been deployed in PCI compliant environments and large secured banking networks.

Esprida LiveControl provides a single solution avoiding the cost and effort of deploying multiple systems. This endpoint device management console provides solutions for:

Remote Management

Allow service technicians the ability to remotely take over the screen on any device for a more hands on approach.

Software Management

Automatically keep the software applications running on your devices up to date. Security patches, software applications, pricing updates, advertisements, etc. can all be managed using Esprida LiveControl.

Asset Management

Users have access to a suite of remote tools to manage individual or large groups of devices based on any parameter, device type, geographic location or even firmware version.

Alerts Management

Alert and Notification Rules inform onsite staff, sales teams, support teams, and help-desk systems when a problem is detected in the field. Self-healing rules proactively run a set of diagnostic and recovery commands before alert notifications are sent to support teams.

Security Management

Esprida takes an uncompromising approach to security, especially in PCI and HIPAA environments. Esprida LiveControl includes network security features, encryption, audit logs, and multi-level user access modes.

Reports & Dashboards

With Esprida LiveControl, you can gain near real time insight into business activity monitoring data (B.A.M.) and business service management (B.S.M.) data. Additional reports and customized views can be created using our reports APIs.

Keywords: Device Management

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Using Esprida LiveControl, the same Server technology that powers the world’s largest self-service device deployment, a wide range of features allow administrators the ability to remotely configure and manage hundreds or thousands of iPads using a web-accessible computer or smart phone. When a user walks away from the iPad, the application automatically times out, clears the session and returns back to the start page, ready for the next user.


Esprida ScreenGuard for iPad

With Esprida ScreenGuard, now your businesses can roll out self-service applications with 3G connected touch screen iPads instead of expensive traditional kiosk hardware. Due to software restrictions by Apple, Esprida ScreenGuard for iPad software is unable to restrict access to hardware buttons (i.e. home, power).


Esprida ScreenGuard

With an intuitive configuration screen Esprida ScreenGuard out-of-the-box features allow you to focus on building your application for a quick and cost effective deployment. Esprida ScreenGuard provides the security necessary for the transition to self-service in a safe environment that customers can use with confidence.


Products - Live Control - Capabilities

Esprida services stores separate business databases to retain information about: customers, products, transactions etc. Esprida LiveControl provides reporting APIs to present the data, and also data access APIs to share this data with data warehouses. Esprida has a multi-faceted security model to allow advertising agencies to upload promotions, IT organizations to upload patches, and store managers to choose locations and activation dates.


Esprida LiveControl

Esprida LiveControl includes remote monitoring and remote diagnostic tools that constantly inform service engineers about the physical status of self-service equipment and enables them to remotely diagnose and resolve problems that occur in the field without dispatching a service staff.