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By: Esprida Corporation   09-12-2011
Keywords: Diagnostic Tools, Device Management

Selecting the right endpoint management solution is a business decision with far reaching implications for overall business profitability and success. The Esprida LiveControl platform provides capabilities that allow businesses to redefine workflow streamline operations and improve business performance. Our solution scales with business growth, provides secure connectivity and analytics to transform business strategies. Esprida LiveControl is a ready-to-deploy solution with open architecture and extensive integration that leverages standard technologies and forward thinking designs to ensure true enterprise class performance.

Esprida LiveControl™ is scalable, secured endpoint device management platform that for real-time monitoring, support, software updates and analysis. Virtually any endpoint device (computer, tablet, mobile device, POS, and embedded computer) can be connected to central platform. This cloud-based service helps companies:

  • Decrease Service Costs
  • Implement proactive support models
  • Automate processes
  • And analyze business activity

Decrease Service Costs

Esprida LiveControl includes remote monitoring and remote diagnostic tools that constantly inform service engineers about the physical status of self-service equipment and enables them to remotely diagnose and resolve problems that occur in the field without dispatching a service staff.

Gain Visibility over Your Devices

With Esprida LiveControl, you can gain near real time insight into your devices from both a technical and business perspective. Your support team will greatly value knowing the hardware, software and geographic aspects of a device when they are solving problems. They are no longer wasting time (and money) doing initial diagnostics to gather device data. This information has already been gathered by Esprida LiveControl and is available for their use.

Remotely Control Your Machines

Enable support experts to remotely control the endpoint device and provide training, problem resolution, and problem diagnostic tasks. Display the remote computer screen on your screen in real time, and use your own keyboard and mouse to troubleshoot, diagnose, and fix problems without opening special ports or administer firewalls.

Update Software Remotely

Esprida LiveControl is used to remotely install, activate and track software updates, operating system patches and advertising packages to your endpoint device. Content distributions have scheduling, and time-window features to control bandwidth utilization on shared networks. Once distributed, content can be scheduled to run custom installation, un-installation, activation, and deactivation scripts.

Manage Large Networks

Esprida LiveControl is a single solution which can grow with your deployment and also manage many types of equipment with a single tool. Service calls that used to involve one-on-one support with store staff can now be automated across all your devices in a one-to-many fashion.

Avoid Operations and Hosting Costs

Esprida LiveControl follows a Software-as-a-Service license model. It is designed to help you monitor, manage and control your equipment without being concerned about bandwidth, physical servers or IT support.

Keywords: Device Management, Diagnostic Tools

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Using Esprida LiveControl, the same Server technology that powers the world’s largest self-service device deployment, a wide range of features allow administrators the ability to remotely configure and manage hundreds or thousands of iPads using a web-accessible computer or smart phone. When a user walks away from the iPad, the application automatically times out, clears the session and returns back to the start page, ready for the next user.


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With Esprida ScreenGuard, now your businesses can roll out self-service applications with 3G connected touch screen iPads instead of expensive traditional kiosk hardware. Due to software restrictions by Apple, Esprida ScreenGuard for iPad software is unable to restrict access to hardware buttons (i.e. home, power).


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Esprida services stores separate business databases to retain information about: customers, products, transactions etc. Esprida LiveControl provides reporting APIs to present the data, and also data access APIs to share this data with data warehouses. Esprida has a multi-faceted security model to allow advertising agencies to upload promotions, IT organizations to upload patches, and store managers to choose locations and activation dates.


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Esprida LiveControl’ s highly scalable architecture is designed to support organizations with thousands to hundreds of thousands of endpoint devices by leveraging best-in class network infrastructure and J2EE technologies. Esprida LiveControl manages diverse devices in a multitude of industries; it is a broad software platform that, out-of-the-box, caters to over 80% of the most needed remote management features.