Esprida Enterprise - How It Works

By: Esprida  09-12-2011

By installing a small program, Esprida Agent, on each device being managed, the Agent acts as the link between your device and your back office systems. It runs in the background collecting data, detecting status changes, and downloading updates from Esprida Server.

All communications are originated by the Agent, (outbound only), and all data is encrypted and sent over a HTTPS connection. Once data is uploaded to Esprida Server it is integrated into a powerful engine that allows you to analyze command and control your fleet of devices.

Esprida Server shares data from the devices with your backend systems. Helpdesk tickets, device performance data, asset tracking systems, customer production data can be shared with backend systems such as Gasper™, Remedy™, HEAT™, Tivoli™, Oracle™, SAP™, and Siebel™.

Esprida Server gives you full control over your data and allows you to make your data accessible directly to your customers. Based on it’s multi-tenant architecture, Each user role has secured access to specific features so that customer roles only view transaction reports, and service roles can only access maintenance features. This means your customers, vendors, service technicians, etc. can automatically log into Esprida sServer and view their own devices that are relevant to them or generate reports relative to their role.

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Built with the expertise gained through deploying over 35,000 devices in different technical environments, our services team delivers proven strategies, best practices, and real-world insight to your company. Through heavy use of automation, rules, integration and notifications, Esprida software shares data with other systems and automates tasks, rather than forcing teams to change the way they operate.