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EnWise Building Science - Providing Home Energy Audits that get homeowners access to up to $10,000 in government grants and rebates. Learn more about your home's energy efficiency rating.

EBS will provide homeowners a Home Energy Audit and a resulting energy efficiency report that breaks down the following information in an easy to understand report containing:   

  • Your home’s energy rating, from 0-100, comparing your house to other houses in your neighborhood
  • The estimated energy consumption of your dwelling

The goal of this home energy evaluation is to educate homeowners on how to reduce emissions that are produced through their home energy inefficiency. By using energy more wisely, we can reduce emissions and contribute to cleaner air, water and a healthier environment. The average home over 20 years old can expect a reduction in greenhouse gases of over 2.5 tonnes per year when recommended upgrades are completed.   


Our Quality Assurance PledgeEBS has assembled a remarkable team of Energy Advisors, professional educators, engineers, HVAC specialists, and trainers to ensure the quality and accuracy of our work.

EVERY EnWise Energy Advisor comes from a home science background and is required toattend intensive internal courses and in-the-field training programs focusing on Building Science 101 and House as a System Practices, including but not limited to:

  • Control of Heat, Air and Moisture Flow
  • Insulation, Air and Vapor barrier materials, Health and Safety Considerations
  • Air leakage and Air sealing
  • Renovating, Additions and New Construction
  • Windows and Doors
  • HVAC systems including HRV and ERV
  • Operating and Maintaining Heating Systems, Ventilation and Combustion Air
  • Renewable Energy Systems

At the conclusion of our internal training program, EnWise Energy Advisors are required to attend a four day Government of Canada ecoENERGY training program and perform a minimum of seven energy assessments in the presence of our Natural Resources Canada certified lead instructor. This instructor and our additional Quality Assurance Team also randomly review every advisor to ensure the quality of their work and the satisfaction of our customers.

The Government of Canada reviews our energy assessments and personnel to ensure they meet strict guideline.

These measures ensure that every EnWise customer is receiving the best assessment and advice possible.

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

Keywords: Building Science, Energy Advisors

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Get access to up to $10,000 in Grants and Rebates from the Federal and Provincial Government with an EnWise certified home energy

Based on the thousands of Home Energy Audits we have conducted, here is an example of an average 15 year old home's most common Energy Audit recommendations and the associated grants and rebate incentives for completing the upgrades. EnWise Building Science will ensure that any and all incentives and grants available to you are submitted in a timely manner.