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By: Enwise Building Science  09-12-2011
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What does a Home Energy Audit consist of?

2. "E" Audit - This is the post-retrofit evaluation which is performed to verify all of the recommended upgrades have been completed. This evaluation includes taking pictures of the upgrades, taking notes on the mechanical systems, and preforming a second Blower Door test to assess air sealing improvements. The 'E' Audit must be performed within 18 months of the initial 'D' Audit or by March 31st, 2011 (whichever comes first).
How Much Does a Home Energy Audit Cost?

  • 'D' Pre-Retrofit Audit = $325 (plus HST)
    ($150 is rebated by the provincial government so net cost is $175)

  • 'E' Post-Retrofit Audit = $175 (plus HST)

The Blower Door Test

The Blower Door is a vital component of the Home Energy Evaluation and is used to collect information that is integral to your home’s energy efficiency.

The test enables EnWise to asses the following two points:

  1. Air change rate of a home - A high Air Change Rate indicates high air flow through holes in the building envelope or a leaky, drafty house.

  2. Leakage area of a home - This indicates whether the house is tight or leaky and whether or not it requires weatherization or insulation. A leaky house may be equal to having a window open fully at all times of the year.

    Test Process:

    1. A 50Km/hr wind is simulated against the home by depressurizing the house with a Blower motor. This enables us to highlight the areas of greatest air infiltration. An EnWise EA will then enter this critical information in our Data sheets.

    2. Blower door results and their implications are reviewed in the ecoEnergy report which will make recommendations on how to best improve your home’s energy efficiency.

An EnWise EA will also conduct a consultative walk through your home and highlight ways to reduce your energy costs and increase home comfort. Some of the key indicators that will allow us to make energy efficiency recommendations come from the Blower Door Test and the walk through.

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Keywords: Building Science, energy audit, energy audits, energy efficiency

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At the conclusion of our internal training program, EnWise Energy Advisors are required to attend a four day Government of Canada ecoENERGY training program and perform a minimum of seven energy assessments in the presence of our Natural Resources Canada certified lead instructor.


Get access to up to $10,000 in Grants and Rebates from the Federal and Provincial Government with an EnWise certified home energy

Based on the thousands of Home Energy Audits we have conducted, here is an example of an average 15 year old home's most common Energy Audit recommendations and the associated grants and rebate incentives for completing the upgrades. EnWise Building Science will ensure that any and all incentives and grants available to you are submitted in a timely manner.