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Synthetic Motor Oils:

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Synthetic Transmission Fluids and Hydraulic Oils:

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Synthetic Snowmobile, Watercraft, and ATV  2 Cycle & Four Stroke Oils :

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Synthetic Grease:

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Synthetic Compressor Oils:

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Filtration Products: 

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NGK Products:

Auto Car Care and Home Appearance Products:

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Specialty Products:

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You can purchase AMSOIL products at retail prices by going to the


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AMS OIL Synthetic Lubricants - Made in The U.S.A.

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AMS OIL is the undisputed leader in synthetics...

Since 1972, AMSOIL Synthetics have proven to be the BEST. AMSOIL also engineers and manufactures Super Duty Oil filters which have a 25,000 mile service life as well as specialized filtration systems for commercial and fleet applications in cars and light, medium and heavy trucks which can filter particles down to less than one micron (a standard full flow oil filter can only filter to 20-25 microns with any degree of efficiency) making oil changes virtually unnecessary and virtually eliminating engine wear. These filters have been proven by millions of miles of over-the road trucks, construction equipment and fleet service.

·          AMSOIL saves you time and money.

·          The only 25,000 mile/one- year and 35,000/one- year motor oil in the world.

·          Exceeds the most stringent performance specifications of all major U.S. and foreign automotive and truck manufacturers.

·          Provides up to two-times the wear protection of other motor oils.

·          Increases the life of your vehicle.

·          Improves performance, fuel economy and efficiency.

·          Diesel oil and filtration products designed to deliver 1,000,000 miles for over-the-road trucks before engine overhaul.

·          Used by many national racing teams, fleets, police departments, construction firms and trucking companies.

Enhanced Synthetic Oil is comprised of a group of highly skilled team of Engineers and Lubrication and Filtration Specialists. You too, can join our group when you become an AMSOIL Dealer and take advantage of all that we offer as you use products in your own vehicles or begin your own AMSOIL business. You won't find a more knowledgeable and skilled group of Dealers anywhere which is very important when you need support as you build your business.

In addition, as a Dealer in our group you will receive exclusive unlimited product, technical and business support from the only group of Truck and Automotive Engineers and Lubrication Specialists on the net.

We do not only run our business on the internet. We also have numerous commercial, industrial, trucking, excavating, construction, logging, police, racing and many more accounts that we support and service on a regular basis. We have several fully stocked warehouses and fully equipped shop facilities. This provides us with excellent knowledge of the products, equipment and the business and the ability to respond immediately to any of your needs. We will use this knowledge and experience to help you get started so you too can achieve your goals.

We possess the skills, desire and knowledge to answer questions, solve problems, improve efficiency, reduce downtime, maintenance costs and increase the durability and life of all of your vehicles.

Read what our have to say about us. Read through our website. Contact us with any questions. If you decide to become an AMSOIL Dealer you will be joining, in our opinion, the most skilled AMSOIL group there is. We will help you get started and provide you with the tools and information in order to be successful in this business or with technical and product assistance to use AMSOIL products in your own vehicles. We offer several options to receive information on AMSOIL. We welcome the opportunity to work with you personally as your servicing AMSOIL Dealer.

Please, and we will send you an exclusive comprehensive package of product, technical and business information. If you are serious about AMSOIL products and the business opportunity this is the best option. You will receive extensive technical and business support from both myself and my AMSOIL Dealer Group.  We look forward to helping you learn about AMSOIL.

OR - for a smaller, very general information package (which includes a catalog and Dealer application) you can request information via any of the links below.

AMS OIL is Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

AMS OIL is America's Oil.

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