By: Eminent Business Intelligence  09-12-2011

Assets Source Management System
EBiC's Asset Source Management System is a highly scalable, active repository for software component publication, management, searching and component reuse. It helps designers and developers manage, publish and reuse components and web services, speeding delivery of high quality software applications and leveraging IT Asset Sources.

EBiC Asset Source SourceManager makes it easy for organizations to unlock the value of Component Based Development (CBD). It is an enterprise-scale product in the market, to catalog and manage software components, EBiC Asset Source Manager supports component publication, version tracking and sophisticated searching, browsing, reuse and notification features. Component specification features are also provided, to enable a demand driven process for supplier-consumer CBD.

EBiC Asset Source Manager can be extended with EBiC Asset Source Browser to your intranet or internet.

In its own right, EBiC Asset Source Manager is an incredibly powerful component publication, management, search and reuse tool set. EBiC Asset Source Manager becomes a key facilitator for realizing all the benefits of Component Based Development - "the next wave" in Rapid Application Development (RAD).

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