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By: Echologics  09-12-2011
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It’s unparalleled accuracy at your fingertips. Introduce yourself to the first truly Windows-based leak detection system that uses leak noise correlation to pinpoint seepages in all types of water and fluid pipes

Unlike other correlators, LeakFinder eliminates the reliance on the hardware component of leak noise correlators by using your own PC – so that you can have the fastest microprocessor available.

Ease of use: If you’re familiar with Microsoft’s Windows environment you can easily use the fully menu-driven LeakfinderRT system. It’s simple and intuitive as it should be.

What’s new: An enhanced correlation function dramatically improves identifying narrow-band leak noise. Now plastic pipes, multiple leak situations, and scenarios where leak sensors have to be closely spaced are easy to work with. Plus, the enhanced correlation function is more effective for small leaks or situations with high background noise.

“CRWA needed equipment to find water loss for different types of pipe material. Since we started using LeakFinderRT, we’ve been able to pin-point and locate even the smallest of leaks. Our General Managers are now making better decisions with regards to repairs, we’re saving on labour costs, and we’re lowering the expense of asphalt repairs.”
Michael Sims, Water Efficiency Specialist/Trainer, California Rural Water Association

Superior Performance on Plastic and Large Diameter

“LeakfinderRT has drastically improved performance on PVC and other plastic pipes. The reason for this is our enhanced correlation and advanced sensor technology, as well as our background in acoustics and vibration engineering. Many correlator companies claim their correlators will work on plastic, but in back to back tests, we have consistently correlated leaks that other correlators cannot. In fact, we have towns and cities that have bought our system primarily for it’s performance on PVC.”
- Marc Bracken, President, Echologics Engineering Inc.

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Keywords: Leak Detection, Leak Detection System, Vibration Engineering, Water Loss,

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