Refrigerant Chillers

By: Dry Coolers  09-12-2011

Mechanical refrigeration provides temperatures colder than ambient.
• Integrated packages with pumps, tanks, and controls• Air or water cooled condensors are available
— 2 - 400 tons• Insulated pumping stations
— 10 - 5,000 GPM• Communications through web browser or any popular protocol with data logging• Can be an open or closed system with integral evaporator or secondary heat exchanger• Centrifugal blowers available for heat recuperation• Ozone-friendly refrigerant systems are available• Refrigerants
— HFC134A (Non-ozone depleting)
— R22
— R502
— R404• Compressors
— Scroll
— Reciprocating
— Screw• Fluids cooled
— Water
— Glycols
— Oils
— Gasoline
— Other

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Air Cooled Systems

Air cooled heat exchangers offer the lowest maintenance and the least operating cost in cooling.



Cyclean Solids Separator - Solids Removal for Cooling Towers. Aqua-Vent Cooling Systems for Industrial Process Fluids. FAC Series Air Cooled Vacuum Furnace Cooling Systems. VXO Series Closed Loop Evaporative Cooling Systems. PAC Series Air Cooled Process Chillers 3-25 Tons. VSX Series Water Cooled Closed Loop Systems. HRU Series Waste Heat Recovery Units.