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Customer Interactive Solutions

For over 27 years we’ve been part of the revolution that’s transformed the way organisations communicate with their customers.

Our experience and expertise have positioned us as one of the world’s leading contact centre systems integrators. Our Global Customer Interactive Solutions (CIS) business is made up of over 500 experts whose primary objective is to deliver tangible and sustainable business value for our clients .

The world of customer contact continues to evolve at an astonishing pace. In the coming months and years we will see new philosophies, approaches and technologies influence the way businesses and consumers interact. We’re working with our clients to embrace these changes and to generate the and benefits they need to deliver in the immediate term.

At the heart of this evolution will be a dependency on leveraging the IP networks that form part of the critical infrastructure a business needs to function. “Real time contact centres” are becoming vital to delivering competitive advantage. Our pedigree and heritage in this specialist area differentiate us from our competition. We understand how to harness the potential of technology and how it can enable organisations to become more effective and efficient.

Our clients rely on us for a full range of contact centre services. We run our own business, provide , design and build leading-edge customer contact solutions, and support and manage mission critical platforms for global corporations.

Our Solution Areas


Dimension Data's has a proud history of comprehensive investigation and reporting on performance levels and operations of contact centres around the world.

It is widely acknowledged to be the most useful, authoritative and comprehensive report of its kind. It covers the full breadth and depth of contact centre management and gives rich information about day-to-day challenges faced by contact centres and current trends within the industry.

The Benchmarking Report aims to add value to contact centres professionals across the world by enabling the reader to:

•  Compare contact centre performance with others of similar size, industry and geography;

•  Identify strengths and weaknesses in key areas of operations management, technology and people and how they measure up to best practice;

•  Learn how to improve contact centre effectiveness and efficiency;

•  Understand today’s trends affecting the industry globally, and what the future may hold

•  Provide managers with a set of best practice standards and benchmarks, including staffing and training, performance metrics, technology usage, budgets and development plans.

•  Help decision makers support business cases and those involved in consulting or supplying services to the contact centre industry.

Each section includes insightful analysis and recommendations for day-to-day challenges. Sections within the report include:

•  Strategy

•  Operations

•  Self Service

•  WFO

•  Customer interaction

•  Technology

2009 marked the release of Dimension Data’s world-first comparative benchmarking portal which enables respondents to view their own data as well as compare themselves to others in the same region / industry vertical / size classification and outsourcer vs. captive contact centres.

Never before, have contact centres had such unprecedented access to such comprehensive benchmarking capabilities

If you would like your contact centre to access cutting-edge benchmarking and our revolutionary portal, please .


The concept of collaboration is receiving a great deal of attention as companies look for ways of reducing costs and adding value to their business. In a rapidly evolving marketplace, customers continue to expect more from the businesses they deal with. For companies, the challenge is how to deliver an excellent service using limited resources to retain their customers. In this eleventh issue of Interactions, we look at how collaboration and consolidation can help support organisations wishing to grow their business.

Keywords: Dimension Data