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By: Digital Business  09-12-2011

The staff of Digital is Palladium Kaplan – Norton Balanced Scorecard certified. Our expertise in this area of study lies in a comprehensive understanding of the following bodies of knowledge and methodologies:

The Palladium Execution Premium Process (XPP) - the six-stage management platform based on the Kaplan – Norton strategy management system.

The Balanced Scorecard and Strategy Map – the economic model of value creation

The Strategy-Focused Organiztion (SFO) Principles – the five values that translate the economic model into organized action.

Our Balanced Scorecard consulting solutions place control into the hands of business users, enabling organizations of all types and sizes to more effectively maintain organizational alignment and execute strategy.

Our solution offers a holistic environment for aligning all of your business units and processes, helping you to manage risks, initiatives, resources, and competencies. It helps organizations turn the vague, imprecise realm of visions and strategies into clear and objective performance measures, and cascade throughout your organization.

Create strategic awareness by using Strategy Maps and Balanced Scorecard, both what you want to accomplish and how you will accomplish it. Share performance results across your organization.

More than just measuring and monitoring performance, Digital Business provides tools to motivate people to make the best decisions and to quickly respond to changing business conditions.

This Balanced Scorecard certification is aligned to our product "Digital Scorecard Manager" which allows organizations to build and manage scorecards without the need for IT support. It provides employees a balanced perspective across enterprise departments resulting in a more strategic and forward looking view of business.

Digital Scorecard Manager

Digital Scorecard Manager allows organizations to build and manage scorecards without the need for IT support. Digital Scorecard Manager is developed using Visual Studio and takes advantage of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 to integrate critical data from multiple departmental systems and business units. This integration provides employees a balanced perspective across enterprise departments such as finance, operations, sales, and human resources, resulting in a more strategic and forward looking view of business.

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