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By: Digiflare  09-12-2011
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Social Media

With social networks and user-generated content forming a major part of the web's fabric, we work with global brands to develop effective strategies: to reach out to new and existing audiences, to understand in detail how companies are perceived, or even to bring entirely new communities together. This requires a deep understanding of individual and collective user behavior, as well as technical experience of how social media platforms are developed and sustained.

Website Analytics

Our focus goes beyond just the visual and the functional; we create work that brings real business advantage. Defining the strategy behind this – and how to measure it – is the true goal of web analytics. We engage with our clients to help them understand current user behavior, trends and site performance. Digiflare provides the full life-cycle of successful analysis: goal identification, and measurement of performance metrics, system integration and implementation (whether 3rd party or custom-made), reporting and ongoing adaptation.

Competitive Analysis

Digiflare's strategic solutions stem from taking the time to understand you, your marketplace and your competition. We work to analyze the successes and failures of your competitors' online activity: their interaction with their audience, their use of technology and the market share position they occupy. This analysis allows Digiflare to identify or confirm your “unique value proposition. We will define an approach that not only meets your marketing objectives and positions you appropriately; it delivers on strategic business goals.

Search Engine Optimization

Findability is everybody’s concern because everyone wants their brand to be seen and appreciated. Companies’ waste fortunes seeking a magic bullet for SEO, but the keys to effective web findability is solid content writing and semantic markup. Our experience in developing sites for clients allows us to apply a careful blend of content strategy, accessibility, web standards expertise and a core understanding of search engine technology to every project all without compromising user experience. We define an approach that works not only for initial deployment and launch, but also provides a platform for flexibility and adjustment as the search landscape changes.

Persona Development

We want to deliver the best user experience possible, on every project. To do this, we have to understand the users themselves. Who are they? What are they looking for? How can we add value to their experience? For high-volume, high-traffic sites, detailed insight into a complex user base is vital. Digiflare's interactive designers create 'Personas'; identifying common priorities among your users and tailoring the information architecture to their needs. The result? Websites, desktop and mobile applications that feel right.

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Toronto Search Engine Optimization SEO Web Marketing, Online Branding - creative

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