CryptoHeaven Products

By: Cryptoheaven  09-12-2011
Keywords: Online Storage

CryptoHeaven provides services that facilitate secure exchange of computer files, secure electronic communication, secure online storage and secure file sharing.

CryptoHeaven Download Edition is the ideal solution for access from your home/office PC or laptop. Once the software is installed it provides the quickest access to your CryptoHeaven account. This solution is ideal for users able to install software on their computer.

This edition minimizes the amount of Internet traffic between your PC and CryptoHeaven servers. It is ideal for frequent CryptoHeaven users and for those on a slow Internet connection.

CryptoHeaven Web Edition is intended for users who wish to access their CryptoHeaven accounts without installing any software. This is useful for people on the road or otherwise away from their regular computers.

CryptoHeaven Secure Web Forms service enables you to securely receive information from your web site visitors directly into your CryptoHeaven account. Typical uses include:

  • Receiving credit card or other personal information from your web site visitors.
  • Securely receiving file attachments from your web site visitors.
  • Receiving secure file attachments from non-CryptoHeaven users.

Keywords: Online Storage