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By: Conceptwave  09-12-2011
Keywords: Communications Service, Catalog Management

Everything You Need to Manage Your Product Lifecycles

Working With Your Existing BSS/OSS Architecture

Created to accelerate product rollout, Catalog Management facilitates rapid product definition, design, test and launch. It works seamlessly with existing BSS/OSS architecture, applications and data repositories, so you won’t need to make any changes to your back-end systems.

A Shared View of Existing Data

Catalog Management lets you tap into data repositories within existing systems, such as CRM or Billing, without the need to migrate product and Catalog information to a central location. Instead, it synchronizes and federates data in real time, providing a shared 360o view of the information you need to drive product lifecycle management.

Increase Efficiency, Reduce Costs, Save Time and Maximize Profits

Catalog Management is the product of choice for many leading organizations worldwide. As a dynamic product lifecycle manager, it will help you proactively address issues such as stalled revenue, loss of market share, declining customer satisfaction levels and ARPU erosion. By deploying Catalog Management, you will be able to:
  • Improve efficiency and save money, by integrating your catalogs for a single view of all products and services
  • Become more responsive, by creating innovative, personalized consumer product bundles
  • Increase revenue and ROI, by bringing new, differentiated, products to market faster, with fewer errors
  • Step ahead of the competition, by marketing unique offers to business customers
  • Save time, by unifing your offerings across all sales channels
  • Maximize profitability, by facilitating up-sell/cross-sell based on up-to-date product information

Quick Set-up and Easy Customization

Leveraging ConceptWave’s metadata-driven approach, Catalog Management allows for consistent configuration and refinement of complex and interrelated product definition, order management and fulfillment functions, without lengthy release cycles and recoding. Domain templates — based on years of telecom field knowledge — cut implementation time in half, and get you up and running quickly.

You can also customize the product catalog structure — including product hierarchies, bundles, features, availability rules and associated workflow definitions — to suit the unique needs of your telecom marketplace.

A Competitive Advantage

In a competitive environment, where speed to market is critical, close customer relationships are essential and product innovation is a key differentiator, Catalog Management provides a simple, targeted solution for Communications Service Providers:

  • Simple Administration - Centrally defines relationships between products, features, availability, pricing rules, etc. User-friendly administration facilitates rapid deployment of bundles, price promotions and other offer changes.
  • Offer-to-Order Mapping - Creates an intuitive environment, in which workflow rules are tied to the product items. Easily interfaces with downstream systems to manage and fulfill complex multi-product orders for video, data, voice and wireless technologies.
  • Offer-Directed Order Entry – ConceptWave Catalog Management directs Order Entry systems to present product offers and bundles targeted to specific customers, market segments etc. — enabling differentiation.

Keywords: Catalog Management, Communications Service

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