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By: Conax  09-12-2011

When you purchase a content security solution from Conax, you are ensured competent and professional Support assistance in operating your system.

A team of highly skilled and experienced technical engineers is ready to meet any customer’s needs and assist with guidance, system changes and in case of system disturbances. With two major support centres in Oslo and New Delhi, as well as regional support offices, the customers are ensured a prompt response and a wide range of expertise. In addition, Conax Support is supplemented by a large number of partners, who provide local support in selected regions.

Conax Support offers four different service levels that are well suited for any operation:

  • Basic Service Level: 9.00-17.00 local time on local business days
  • Extended Service Level: 9.00-21.00 local time, seven days per week
  • 24/7 Service Level: 24/7, 365 days
  • Premium Service Level: 24/7, 365 days including a dedicated Technical Key Account Manager and yearly system Health Check

Additional Conax Support services include:

  • System changes/consultancy: Conax Support assists with system changes and other operational tasks
  • System Health Check: Conax offers a technical assessment of the customer’s platform
  • Training: A professional training program is provided for all customers installing a content protection system. In addition, Conax Support offers tailor-made training on-site
  • On-site Support: Conax Support is available for on-site support on request

Conax Support, single point of contact (SPOC):

Phone: +47 22 40 52 80

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Conax - en, product&support, conax contego

Conax Contego™ scales horizontally, meaning capacity and performance can easily be increased by adding additional hardware, enabling operators to begin with a basic installation and expand as needed to fit changing requirements and business models.The unique architecture also enables any degree of redundancy required.


Conax - en, product&support

Conax Academy To help you get the most out of our solutions, Conax Academy offers a comprehensive range of professional training courses that provide the expertise needed to operate and maintain Conax’ content protection solutions effectively. Conax’ open and non-proprietary content security solutions are state-of-the-art technology for all types of networks and business models such as Video On Demand, Pay Per View, or any hybrid combination.


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Staying ahead in a changing world Adapting to the evolving requirements of subscribers and content owners is essential for the success of pay-for-content operations. In an ever-changing digital media environment, securing content and delivery is crucial to maintain profitability. Conax’ vast experience and broad product portfolio support the needs and requirements of a modern TV operation.


Conax - en, product&support, conax operations

With the Conax Operation Service Agreement, Conax owns and operates all parts of the content protection system on a 24/7 basis, using highly experienced senior engineers. It is therefore important that the content protection system is available, stable and operational 24/7 with the necessary capacity and security at all times.