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By: Code Evolution  09-12-2011

Today's market demands more than it used to. Consumers want easier access to information on you, your services and products,as well as up to date information. Web systems allow you to communicate with your clients, employees, or other businesses.

Although it may not have a direct impact on your sales a well developed web site does go a long way to developing the type of corporate image that you desire. A poorly constructed and amateur site can instantly turn off potential customers which will indeed affect your sales.

In our past we have often run across companies that have several systems in place but wished that they could talk to each other or simply share data. In some cases the requirements may go further and the client may need to develop a new application that uses data from the various systems they have. This is all possible, and within reach. We have experience integrating several systems of varying sizes, weather it be an enterprise accounting package or custom database applications we can most likely help you out.

Business management system to handle daily tasks enforce process flow, and increase employee accuracy. Systems of this type tend to allow your employees to complete their tasks more efficiently resulting in a more productive work environment. If your business tracks or stores data of any sort, whether it be client information, business information, inventory or job details; having quick and organized access to this data can be a huge time saver.

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Code Evolution - Custom Software development, web development services - Brampton, Ontario, Canada - webApps

More and more companies are adding interactive functionality to their online portals which allow their customers to do everything from access dynamic information to submitting their own information. Companies have also started to build web based internal systems rather than the traditional client/server setup. The web has become an integral part of today's business.


Code Evolution - Custom Software development, web development services - Brampton, Ontario, Canada - SiteDevelopment

Many business owners want to get online without the extremely high costs that can be associated with a major site construction, we assist these clients by providing a fast, efficient and simple approach to site design. Several smaller companies are now realizing that they are giving business to the competition simply due to the lack of a professionally designed site.


Code Evolution - Custom Software development, web based development services - Brampton, Ontario, Canada -- Virtual Claims Adjust

Several new features such as document attachments, embedded file reporting, marketing analysis reports, internal task creation & notification, file activity log and billable time tracking have been added in addition to existing file management, invoicing and reporting.


Virtual Claims Adjuster - Products

It helps offices compete on a level playing field by allowing you to manage your company like a multimillion dollar corporation; forecast future work based on your marketing efforts and past trends; automate processes to raise your quality standards, and offer cutting edge services to your clients.


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Our experience in these areas of business expose our Claims Management Specialist's to a vast range of issues, from minor process mapping to enterprise level planning and optimization issues. Although the core of our business revolves around claims management, our clients request our involvement in various other areas of business.