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By: ClaimSecure  09-12-2011

ClaimSecure offers comprehensive plan design, claims management, clinical consulting, and claims reporting and analysis solutions for Canadian corporations and health benefit plan sponsors seeking to effectively manage their group health benefit plans. We work closely with each client to design and implement a customized suite of products and services that meets each client’s specific requirements.

For 30 years, our products and services have led the industry in innovation, technology, rigour, speed of service, cost effectiveness, and client value.

Other products and services from ClaimSecure


ClaimSecure - ClinicalServices

It also includes clinical recommendations leading to cost-savings and improved patient outcomes by eliminating unnecessary drug therapies, promoting more cost-effective drug prescribing and avoiding healthcare expenses associated with inappropriate drug use. ClaimSecure’s experienced Clinical team develops, maintains, and refines customized formularies, while complying with the rules and regulations of each provincial prescription drug program.


ClaimSecure - DentalClaims

Rigorous Standards – ClaimSecure’s dental claims management system is designed to ensure that member/dependant eligibility, procedure code eligibility, and specific cost containment measures are strictly adhered to within each dental office.


ClaimSecure - DrugClaims

Concurrent Drug Utilization Review – Before medication is dispensed, the ClaimSecure drug management system evaluates the requested drug therapy online in real time, and checks against patient history, therapeutic duplication, drug interactions, and other risk factors.