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By: Ciber Canada  09-12-2011
Keywords: Project Management, Application Development, Regulatory Compliance

Increasingly, companies are being asked to do more work with less – less resources, less money and less support. To help clients meet these new demands, CIBER created our Global Solution Centers. CIBER's Global Solution Centers provide a strategic alternative for world class application development and support functions and is built on CIBER's 30-year foundation of building, integrating and supporting mission-critical applications.

What are Global Solution Centers?

Global Solution Centers are local domestic and offshore solution centers that provide our clients choices in how services are delivered. Strategically located across the globe, they focus on providing application development and management and IT operations support on both an "a la carte" or comprehensive integrated basis.

CIBER's Global Solutions Centers (GSC) are an integrated component of our global delivery framework and can be an effective complement to your organization's technology delivery operation. We employ a proven process of knowledge acquisition and quickly operationalize the work effort into well-defined, repeatable and sustainable processes. Each GSC features a scalable array of domestic-based IT services for quick ramp-up, flexible engagement models, accelerated knowledge transfer, and regulatory compliance across industries.

Multiple Options, Maximum Flexibility

Our Global Solution Centers can be engaged in multiple ways. Some clients prefer a fixed price for a fixed set of deliverables. Other clients choose a steady monthly expense to cover a defined Service Level Agreement (SLA). Others opt to use them as a virtual development pool (e.g. committing to a fixed number of resources for a defined period of time).

CIBER's Global Solution Centers in the U.S. are strategically located in selected metropolitan areas. Each community has a favorable cost of living relative to the national average and a deep pool of technical talent. Each community has partnered with CIBER to offer hundreds of new jobs to its workforce. Finally, CIBER has built relationships with local universities and vendor partners to reduce the costs of a world class center. By cultivating the right relationships within the right communities, each Global Solution Center is in the right place at the right time.

Our Global Solution Center in Bangalore, India, takes advantage of the huge pool of talent in that metropolitan city. Our offices are in one of the main IT campuses, drawing on highly technical expertise emerging from universities as well as more seasoned engineers with significant applications development, management and integration expertise.

CIBER's Unique Model for Distributed Delivery

With 30 years of application development and support experience, CIBER possesses the full range of processes, tools and methodologies required to deliver on-time and on-budget. With our experience in providing offsite services to Fortune 100 clients, CIBER has developed an approach to distributed delivery that overcomes some of its unique requirements, such as ensuring that the work is distributed correctly based on the business need and crisply managing requirements during the engagement.

To determine the optimal way to distribute work, CIBER uses its Optimized Delivery Model™ (ODM). Starting with the customer's unique business needs and environmental factors, this approach provides a resource-optimized solution delivered onsite, offsite, offshore or in a hybrid 'blended' combination. CIBER's ODM combines strong delivery management processes with local service and global access to resources, maximizing project success while balancing quality, cost and customer needs. It is also the way to "get started" in evaluating and using distributed delivery management processes with local service and global access to resources, maximizing project success while balancing quality, cost and customer needs. It is also the way to "get started" in evaluating and using distributed delivery.

To effectively manage requirements, CIBER has developed its CIBER's Requirements Engineering Process that addresses the challenge of requirement quality, clarity, traceability and change. The result is fewer surprises and met expectations.

CIBER's Methodologies

CIBER Application Process™ (CAP)

Quality development begins with an understanding of a client's wants and needs. With this in mind, CIBER developed CAP to serve as our software development life cycle (SDLC) for application development. Built on commercial best practices and continually refined through lessons learned, CAP is structured to be either a complete, standalone software development lifecycle or can serve as a framework to support your preferred SDLC, existing tools or licensed software for modeling, testing and configuration management.

CIBER's Project Management Methodology

Integrated with CAP is CIBER's project management methodology, which ensures projects are delivered on time and within budget, meeting requirements and quality expectations. CIBER's project management methodology focuses on three essential elements: progress management, communications and risk mitigation. This methodology, designed specifically for IT projects and based on industry best practices from the Project Management Institute (PMI) and the Software Engineering Institute (SEI), embraces change control and issue control management of your projects.

Application Management Services

At the core of CIBER's Application Management service offering is a proven approach for rapidly assuming responsibility for client operations and providing on-going performance-based application support focused on quality, process, accountability and results. Each engagement is governed by a service contract that is the combination of a Statement of Work, which defines the scope of the service, and an SLA, which defines CIBER's service performance commitments. Our accelerated transition process enables meaningful results quickly.


CIBER is committed to continuous innovation to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of application development and support. Driven by customers' needs, CIBER can apply the latest tools and best practices, utilize automation and leverage the latest methods and techniques in development and support. This commitment to drive efficiency through innovation ensures CIBER will remain a practical alternative.

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