Photovoltaic/Inverter Test & Automation Solution

By: Chroma Ate  09-12-2011

Various test devices and inspection equipment have been developed to meet the test requirements for Cell and Module process in Solar Cell Testing. First, the I-V Tester measures the conversion efficiency of a cell by dividing it. Next, the Automatic Optical Inspector identifies the cell color and printing defects on the face and back and last a Solar Cell Sorter conducts the sorting.

Applications in Photovoltaic Production

In addition, in a solar power system, the PV Inverter will convert solar array's DC power to AC and feedback to grid. It also controls the current to adjust the system operating at maximum power state. Chroma DC power supply Model 62150H-600S can be used as "solar array simulators", provides the voltage to the input of the PV Inverter for Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) test and the efficiency test.  The output can be connected with AC power source or AC load, to simulate the grid and test output characteristics. In addition, Chroma integrated stand-alone instruments as 8000 ATS for PV Inverter testing.  It provides a complete automatic testing solution for the regulations UL1741 and IEEE1547.1 in R&D QA qualification and mass production.   

Applications in Photovoltaic Inverter Production

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After package testing, the Automatic System Function Tester, which tests IC in a real environment instead of simulation by IC testers, are used for tests of complicated IC with high fault coverage and low cost and highly improves test quality. The customized test device can replace the general purpose tester to fit in the specified requirements directly that can actually meet the goal of reducing test cost.


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