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By: Chroma Ate  09-12-2011
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Over the years, Chroma ATE has gained extensive knowledge and know-how through participation in the power electronics test industry by providing the right solution throughout different phases of product development and fabrication. These test solutions are not limited to power supply testing and are offered throughout the EV/PHEV industry.

Chroma ATE offers various AC/DC power source and electronic load products with a broad selection of power ratings, ranging from several hundred watts to a few hundred kilowatts, which can be used to test EV/PHEV related components and devices. Utilizing these in conjunction with our versatile Automated Test System, provides a full range of test solutions for EV/PHEV related applications such as battery storage system, EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment), on-board charger, DC/DC converter, motor traction drivers, etc.

Power Electronics Testing for Electric Vehicle

* ATS for EV/PHEV Maintenance

The Chroma ATS (Automatic Test System) addresses the specialized effort involved in testing the power electronics during not only the development phase, but also the production phase. The benefits of implementing ATS are not limited to the reduction of manpower and prevention of human error; they also include advanced features such as automatic test data recording and creation of statistical analytical reports for later design review or product improvement. There are custom-built systems that are designed specifically for certain power electronic units; however, these systems are usually difficult to maintain and lack flexibility. These shortcomings will definitely impede the product development process as test methodologies evolve.

The Chroma 8000 ATS is a standard test platform that can solve the conventional problem of self designed ATSs for power electronics testing. It includes a wide range of hardware choices such as AC/DC power supplies, Electronic Loads, Power analyzers, Oscilloscopes, Digital multi-meters, as well as various digital/analog I/O cards. This flexibility combined with an open architecture gives the user a flexible, powerful and cost effective test system for the EV/HEV power electronics.

The following pictures of Chroma ATS show some applications for EV/HEV. The system will not only perform the tests and report it to an isolated PC, but it will also network to the shop-floor (MES) system for production line for data log-in, analysis and monitoring.

Software Platform of ATS Chroma 8000
PowerPro III

PowerPro III provides users with an open software architecture suited to a wide range of applications and devices. It allows users to define test procedures, test condition variables, test result variables and temporary variables. The unique report wizard allows users to integrate different types of document presentations, like tabular test data, DSO waveform and correlation charts in M/S Word format. The Statistic function provides off-the-shelf statistical reporting tools. All the test conditions defined in the test program as well as the test readings can be stored and analyzed by the statistic report function.

Power Pro III runs under the Windows 2000/XP/7 operating environment, providing the test engineer a dedicated test system with easy access to Windows resources.

  • Expandable hardware support
  • Support GPIB instruments & RS232/RS485/CAN bus interface
  • User editable test library
  • User editable test programs
  • User editable reports
  • User authority control and Release control
  • Activity log
  • Support Shop-floor control
  • Remote monitoring via internet

    Customized Test Fixtures

    The test fixture, a device that interfaces between the ATS and the UUT, is a necessary for EV/HEV power electronics unit testing. Due to the different form factors and various connector types, it is impossible to find an off the shelf test fixture that can fit all testing requirements. The Chroma 8000 ATS support team not only helps to plan and develop the ATS, but they also provide their expertise to tailor a test fixture to the customer's needs.

    Battery Pack Test

    Chroma provides two software modules that integrate a DC power supply and an electronic load for battery pack testing. The first one is the Battery Charge/Discharge Testing Software that can program the test sequence, loop and stop conditions. The measured voltage / current / electricity will be recorded in a file for future analysis. The second software is the Dynamic Current waveform Simulation Software. It can read the Excel file that is recording the real discharge current waveform from battery, and instruct the electronic load to sink the same current. This is used to simulate real world applications and evaluate the battery pack in the lab.

    Customized ATS for EV/PHEV Maintenance Application

    Public EVSE

    The demand for EVSE is steadily growing as EV/PHEV's gain popularity. Unlike the conventional gas station, which mainly consists of mechanical parts, the EV/PHEV charging station has Implemented sophisticated electronics for metering, controlling, and measuring the amount of energy required and transferred to the vehicle.

    In order to keep the charging station in optimum operating condition and maintain its accuracy, frequent service and calibration is required. Chroma ATE has the capability to provide a customized mobile service system, which is specifically designed to perform diagnosis, measurement and meter calibration for these charging stations.

    Auto Service

    With the powertrain system switching from internal combustion engine (ICE) mechanical design to fully electric powertrain design, ICE oriented auto mechanics must quickly familiarize themselves with the electrified system.

    In order to provide optimum vehicle operating condition, maintain serviceability and minimize the chance of a mechanics exposure to electric shock hazards, the Chroma 8000 provides unique, dynamic diagnostic capabilities. These include: vehicle battery unit testing, voltage/current parameter measurement reading, CAN bus interface, diagnostic reporting, etc. The test system provides diagnostic data through the internet directly to the vehicle manufacturer for data analysis.

  • Keywords: Battery Pack, Electric vehicle, Electronics

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