By: Chargo  09-12-2011
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At Chargo Fast Cargo, we specialize in the vital markets of Canada. WHY? When we started, we saw a need for improved delivery reliability between cities across Canada and US.

Concentrating our efforts makes us better and gives you unsurpassed dependability, efficiency and cost effectiveness.

At Chargo this is what we do.

Delivery Services

From the size of an envelope to the size of a six-door commercial refrigerator, Chargo can move it all with one phone call. We have cargo vans, straight trucks and tractor trailers. We also have the equipment that goes with our vehicles: blankets, load bars, straps and lift gates, two and four wheel dollies. Chargo has the equipment to get the job done!

From the same day, rush to overnight service, anywhere in Ontario, we have the service you require. We handle hazardous material with the same care and efficiency we handle crystal vases.

Whatever you need to wherever you need, Chargo can get it there!

Warehouse Services

Chargo provides warehousing and so much more. We have 60,000 square feet of warehouse space to accommodate all of your consolidation and distribution. In addition, Chargo also provides other services:

• Loading and unloading containers of all sizes

• Hand-bombing

• Blocking

• Bracing

• Pallet restoring and repacking

• Pick, pack and wrap

• Cross docking

• And etc….

Interline Services

It is not all about the deliveries and warehousing at Chargo, it is about the logistics getting the job done right to get your shipment delivered on time.

We have a fleet of over 30 trucks and vans but with all the places our clients send freight to, we cannot be everywhere all the times. So we work closely with trustworthy, hand-picked agents to make sure your shipment is handled quickly and efficiently from pick-up or drop-off to final delivery. We track every shipment, every single step of the way.

Our philosophy at Chargo is we DON’T SAY NO to freight, we get it done!

Keywords: Freight, Warehouse